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bad enough that my job has no power so i cant work. my house has no power and am running off a generator. now the login served goes down in the 5 minutes it takes me to fill the generator and restart it.... GRRRRRRR Gimme My WoW Damnit!! lol Makes me wish i'dve bought the flippable table
I'm quite tired of this. I don't get much time to play WoW and i swear every time I do, there is some realm maintenance or some issue. Now there's THIS problem. Also my account constantly gets locked. I added an authenticator today and now I can't login because u have login server problems u can't fix. I waited a week for a ticket to be "resolved" when i was first locked out of my account and ended up having to wait ont he phone for 30 minutes to talk to someone to fix my problem. WHAT AM I PAYING FOR?
I love that I just got the expansion today, and can't log in now.....lol...No real complaints its just funny...and dare I say ironic.....
you know, i almost remember my life before wow, i had nothing to do and without wow now i am actualy doing something, watching fun little posts about people not having wow, /LOLFACEPALM
11/01/2012 09:40 AMPosted by Nightlash

YAHOOO!!!! thats the way to do things.

that IS the way to do things :p

lol i was jellin b/c im only on ep 233 T.T
its every single day like for real we pay $15 amonth we should be able to play when we want
are you guys gunna refund us our money since its every single day we have this issue

11/01/2012 09:26 AMPosted by Pue
every single day

u all diam diam rahh
Rupmir want play wow, yes?
IT happens but since IT happened we should get some kinda of comp
I am gonna blame BLIZZARD~!!! after a week hard working, I finally sit in front of my computer! And I got login server busy~!!! It's like slap me in the face >.<

Let them know PlZ, be careful with any switches, firewalls and routers!! Or NAT,IP routes, DNS!!!!!
It does this too me at least once a week, it is very annoying when my husband can continue to play and I get booted and then cant log in.
Trying adding this comment to the Log In screen and respect your paying customers by providing Information.
11/01/2012 09:26 AMPosted by Lalencia
Then can we get any form of compensation? i mean we pay for the game that we all love to play and yet we get maintenance after maintenance and busy login server after busy login server

shes right we neeed a compensation.. we are losing money whe we losse game time
11/01/2012 09:41 AMPosted by Medearn
We're still looking into things and hope to have an update soon. Apologies for the frustration, but please keep discussion civil.

"civil"? it's called "warcraft". So what?
Sigh... Figures. I finally get a day off and now I can't log in :)
*Tony Stark standing at the Blizzard bullpen*

"THAT man is playing Galaga. Instead of fixing this. Thought we wouldn't notice."
hmmm, i wonder wat the problem is....
Do you honestly believe that when things like this happen Blizzard says "Lets watch the fourms to see how pissy they get before we fix it"

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