Login server busy 11/1

Customer Support
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4 million people spamming their login info into wow couldnt help
We're aware and looking into reports from players receiving "The login server is currently busy" when attempting to log in to the game. We currently don't have an ETA for when this will be resolved. We'll provide updates as they become available to us.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

*sniff* And we were trying so hard to get to 100 pages on the other thread. Damn you Blues!
still going on......
but i need to play.. staaahhhpppp!!!
I tried logging into mmo-champion.com to see if they had a report on this...

It appears their site is under cyber attack.

Are these two things related?
Being waited on for rbgssss lol
But Blizzard, I have [insert obligation that others have too] and so you [insert irrational command] because [insert trite statement reeking of entitlement].

(That was satire...)
soooo will there be another day of the dead?
I mean, I dont really care, I am already revered with all my main reps on my druid, but I want the mounts, and I dont like doing dailies. ESPECIALLY when you bug them like this, WHY the !@#$ do I pay money to play full of bugs Uh?
*insert generic comment about being upset*

*insert generic comment about how to do thing the "right" way*

*insert generic ragequit*

lol jk, hopefully things will get back up soon, i still need to do dailies. (-_-)
Thank you for the update.. also please ignore the over 9000 post telling you "I givs yous monies I want play mad now"
is there an ETA on the ETA
11/01/2012 09:26 AMPosted by Scarg
im not sure that you understand us we have no patience you know this

Let's make it a drinking game! Each post that says, "I am having same issue" we take a shot!

We'll die in 10 min...lol. Oh, btw, I am having this issue... :D
having the same error, please help, I NEEDZ MY FIX MANNNNNNN GOTTA GETS MY FIXXXXXXX
They factor downtime in your monthly service fee. There are also other threads for that discussion you can look at.
i cant log in
common man i am having wow crack withdrawals.lol
Blizzard casts Take Down the Server

It's super effective
11/01/2012 09:27 AMPosted by Cannedsham
is there an ETA on the ETA

Lol define this ETA on ETA?

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