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On one day i eat, the next i play games. i survive on 50$ worth of food a month.

Today is my Game-day. and without being immersed in my game, i am afraid i will eat and break my cycle, and subsequently by the end of the month, i will starve.
Happy Birthday :O
11/01/2012 10:32 AMPosted by Elnerdoloco
Actually u pay more than 50 cents a day if u consider the server maintanance down time just say 24 hours a month and add misc. down time so it would be more like 52 to 54 cents a month depending on the length of the month too. and patience is a virtue but sometimes if your to patient your gonna miss something.

It breaks down to about 2 cents an hour.

$15 / 30 =.50/day .50/24= .02083333/hour. did you want that as a check?
Whew! I finally got caught up on reading all of thi....

dang. 5 more pages
Bwahahaha I got on before this issues and now im farming alll the mats! QQ more, and get up earlier to play!
(. Y .) t-_-t
Oh Noes WoW is down. *drinks bleach*
Can't even refresh fast enough to keep up with the new pages! [insert typical rant from a non-addicted wow player]
11/01/2012 10:32 AMPosted by Rickk
I'm just saying, Give it time. Everything doesn't always work they way it is intended. Why do I feel like I am talking to a child?

Patience can run out.

This problem has been going on for me since yesterday, thats 2 days in a row that i've been out from work sick.

I'll disregard your personal attack on me being a "child".
Another EPIC Blizz FAIL. ghey
ohh geesh i hope " happy Birthdays greetings " from people you dont know, really make you feel better -_- in any case that it does... Happy birthday >.>
Oh Look, More Issues Once again, my god, Atleast give us some game time blizz for what has been going on here

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