Login server busy 11/1

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Blizz, have an eta yet?
I have Shas to kill, and raids to run tonight...LETS GO!!!!!!
every month i actually buy approximately 23 days, 4 days maintenance and 3 days different kind of issues. 24% money we pay them to get nothing
How am i supposed to have time to do the 50 dailies that are required to get any gear
.. Blizz should raise all of our reps.. forget the 50 cents.. who cares about 50 cents..
oh no zombies took over blizz
no wow, no tv life is unfair............................
I feel you bro! im down to the nitty gritty here >_< Time to scrape the Peezo for that Riggaty Ressinnn!
On one day i eat, the next i play games. i survive on 50$ worth of food a month.

Today is my Game-day. and without being immersed in my game, i am afraid i will eat and break my cycle, and subsequently by the end of the month, i will starve.

Happy Birthday, Birthday person!
11/01/2012 10:24 AMPosted by Tupelette
A favorite quote comes to mind....."You know, I once had the suspicion that you were a complete Moron. Then you opened your mouth and removed all doubt!"

mark twain?
Im here only to see some transmogs sets xD
I don't ever comment either but watching my sister next to playing stupid pokepet battles while I get trolled with a busy server login error make me rage. >.<

Oh and btw I'm pretty sure we thought they were inept and incompetent before this error so they have nothing to lose by saying "we don't know what to do."
Logged out to drop a log now i cant log back in... log log log log
in all seriousness this issue is occuring on a daily basis at relatively the same time, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to tell ya that one or more people on the clock at blizzard right now aren't doing their jobs
11/01/2012 10:32 AMPosted by Silverain
when i try go to MMO few min ago, google gave me message say they are blocking MMo Cham, You all think this is connected?

was thinking the same thing.....

must be a government conspiracy to force us to be productive, ha we'll show them with a 100 page thread!
/Cry but but but... I have to go to work soon and I have an addiction to feed.... All nighter in my near future?? :-D
The old saying sticking with you from thick or thin? Well the thin is almost broke. No ETA don,t get it.
I Wanna Be The Very Best....Like Noone Ever Was...

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