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Heroic Four Kings down, still recruiting especially for G2
G1 - 1x Ranged DPS (Mage, Spriest)
G2 - 1x Mage, 1x Healer (Resto Shaman, Holy Pally, Resto Druid)
Where all the good Ranged/Healers @@@@!
Still looking for Healers+Ranged for G2 and a Spriest for G1
8/16H and 16/16N now.
Need 1x Ranged for G1 (Spriest/Mage)
1x Healer + 1x Ranged for G2
Next week is going to be a bad week for us, our Warlock + WW Monk are going away for 5 days and one of our DPS is leaving the army in Korea to return to his family for 6 weeks, our roster will cover 2x of these loses but not all 3, so im looking for a experienced Warlock to fill in for 1 week (will consider Mage/Spriest/Warlock/Rogue) feel free to contact myself in game if your interested and have a ilvl of 490+ with 4+HMs down.
Also still recruiting 1x Mage/Spriest permanently.
Group 2 is in need of 1 Healer (Resto shaman/Resto Druid)
ah man I would have filled this spot but i gquit today :(
Sure thing you can contact me on Aidan#1312, apologies about the late reply.
Last week has been slow for us and we just killed farm content however im 95% sure Will will go down on Monday.
There is a strong chance we will be moving to 25M's in 5.2 depending on what happens in the upcoming days, if this occurs we will be recruiting 4 Ranged DPS (Hunter, Warlock, Spriest, Mage) and a Resto Druid.
if you need any tanks for group two I could do it, and you know im very good and you love me
Where are all the Ranged DPS? were still after 1 Ranged DPS, come and cement your place before 5.2 Hits this is for the MAIN group. Ideally after a Spriest but will consider another Warlock or Mage.
1 Shot Heroic Will today after a few weeks of plateau with people on Holidays etc, Grats on the achiev lads. Should get Lei Shei next raid. Looking for any stand out DPS who have progressed into Heroics although were especially after a Spriest (Will look into a Mage/Warlock/DK/Rogue as well though).
Just looking for a Shadow priest for G1 now, Got Heroic Lei Shei to 20% and 1 shot Heroic Will again this week!
G2 had a massive clear out an is looking to seriously progress for 5.2 they are currently recruiting, 1x Melee (ideally plate), 1x Tank and 1x Hunter/Spriest/Boomkin
Still after a phenomenal Spriest. Although I'm kind of coming to the conclusion we won't get one :P
Will also consider Disc/Holy Priests.
Still looking for a Shadow priest ^_^
Will also consider a solid boomkin with a resto OS for 5.2 which would allow me to play my Spriest..
Still 9/16H but Lei Shei will die this week.
if you still need an spriest i would love to try out for group 1...i have lots of experience in hardmodes in cata...had 6/8 H prenerf DS...I have been jumping around trying to find a good guild ever since this expansion dropped..i just transferred here from illidan...i got heroic stone guard down third week in on my mage..name is Êlaïna...then the guild fell apart...i am a team player and very raid aware...really would like to get back into raiding and have a home.
Contact me or Nambus in game.
Heroic Lei Shei down to 4% >.< should get it tonight or ill go crazy!
We could also use a Filler Hunter for 1x week next week while ours is away on business usually we can fill the spot however our extra player is also away.
We added an extra day this week since were using wed/thurs/mon for pure progression, we will be doing H MSV 6/6 on Sunday 1-5am but a few people can't make it (extra added day) so ill most likely have 2x DPS spots, ideally for 2 ranged must be at least 4/6H send me in game mail if interested with a link to your armory.. People with a spirit kings or a Will kill will jump to the top of the list. Chance to get Cutting Edge: Will of the emp for free.. 495+ilvl with min 4/6H MSV or don't mail me, you will also be at the bottom of the list for loot (we use LC) although most of us only need a single select piece from H MSV.
Got 2 DPS Ranged spots for tonight 6/6 H MSV 1-5am if interested send me in game mail

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