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Our tank has had to stop raiding due to personal reasons so currently were seeking 1 tank (Prot pally or Prot War) OR 1 melee dps (War or DK) as if we can not locate a decent tank we will have our DK tank, as well as 1 Healer (Priest or Monk), so essentially we are recruiting two players for CORE spots in our 3/13H group, 1 Healer and 1 Tank or Melee DPS. There is alot of movement in our group as we have alot of good players who can play different roles etc so if your an exceptional player and have an abundance of raid exp (ideally this Tier) and our times work for you right now is the time to get in touch with me if your at least 510+ ilvl and completed at least 12/12N

Really looking to bring in a solid player or two as we have had to farm the past week or two!

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