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So, I find myself looking for one of two things... either an existing addon that will share information between players / guildmates about what the bonus item to plant is for the day from Jogu, or if someone would be willing to create such an addon.

An idea like this was around back in TBC days (see link below) and it was mostly used to see if the Crocolisks in the City quest was up. So, if anyone would, I would greatly appreciate it. :-)
Thanks! Gonna look into it once the servers are online.
Not guaranteeing that info is added as technically it isn't a quest but you can ask the author to add the sharing of it.
I've started work on an AddOn to do this. The current design will send/receive updates about Jogu's current prediction over a hidden global communication channel and also via hidden guild AddOn messages.

It will also warn you when Jogu's predictions are no longer accurate (i.e. when it's between midnight and 3 or 4 am realm time [whenever the current daily reset time is]).

Would you want some sort of independent GUI to display the current prediction and/or a simple DataBroker display?
A print in response to a slash command could be a good and light alternative to GUI for just this.
11/08/2012 03:30 PMPosted by Sedivy
A print in response to a slash command could be a good and light alternative to GUI for just this.

That's probably the easiest, though I think I'll offer an optional LDB display as well since that's fairly simple.
I've just started alpha testing the basic functionality.
Thanks Choonster, this will definitely be more helpful than the work arounds I have been using. I have many guildees who will find this as useful as I do.
The channel communication and LDB plugin seem to be working now. I just need to implement the slash command and test the whisper-syncing.
I don't see the point in something like this. You are going to be harvesting your farm every day, and jogu is like 50 yards from your farm, so why not just ask him while you're there? I don't see the reasoning here.
One example that comes to mind is for friends/guildees who do not yet get a discount from Jogu and wish to save a little gold.
The AddOn is mostly working now, I just need to get the time difference display working.
With the complexity of inter-client communication and my own laziness, it's taken me a while to get this working properly; but I've now got an alpha version up on CurseForge. If I don't encounter any issues with it, I'll mark it as release soonish and upload it to WoW Interface (marking it as release will allow it to sync to the main Curse site).
I've just tagged it as release and it's now available on both Curse and WoW Interface. If you encounter any issues, let me know.
And just in case anyone's interested, I've decided to host the code on GitHub as well. I'll probably do this for most of my AddOns when I next update them.

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