Nothing to see

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Nothing to see
The legend of Mighty's Sister will never die, so long as those touched by her many STDs live on.
Bump for updated recruiting needs :)
Screenies or it didn't happen.
Bump, spots filling up quick!
Updated Needs:

Rogues, Enhancement Shaman, WW Monks and Feral Druids we want to see your stuff!
Stop temping me Fatpad!
Please let me know if you'd consider a ret pally! I may be a pigeon but I am pretty neat.
I wish I had a spot for your Pigeon, we are pretty heavy on plate right now.... but Shiroh we are serving punch and pie.
A wise man once said "cat durids r 4 fite!"

Also, for those with more piss & vinegar than can be used up in 2 nights a week of raiding, the guild is starting up a rated BG team on off-nights. For funzies, but also for facewrecking.
Your face was wrecked birth tbh.
Hey hey now I love that panda face!
We have a couple more recruit spots available, hit us up!
Any chance you need a Mage? F'ing Help!!!!!!!!!!! Go Team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
zomg mightysal! Shall we start up "mightysal needs a new pc" fund? :)
Mighty Mighty Mighty!
More bumps!
Got a spot or two for exceptional DPS and/or MW monk.

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