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We have a spot for a warrior or DK tank. Must be geared and ready to step into heroic content.
HM Tayak & Meljarak went down like Mightysal's sister last night! GJ Drunkies!

Still looking for exceptional PLAYERS and PEOPLE of any class/spec. WoW's only as fun as the people you play it with, and we're having a whole lotta fun right now! Guilds that don't get that...well, they just don't last. 5 years and counting!
Looking for a shadow priest.
Killed Turtle boss
/cheer bump
Bump - LF Shadow Priest

Tortos 25 vid -
We have opened recruit for all ranged DPS.
Adding Holy Paladin to the mix for recruiting.
Mages, shadow priests! Drinks are on the house!
Is Rose still in this guild (the Rose from Terokkar)
Rose/Spunkzz left DiP sometime back to a guild that fit his commitments better, that guild as since folded and he took a break from playing.
Sad times for all I suppose. Actually I was pretty surprised to see you guys on Zul'jin after I left terokkar and saw DiP gone I thought you guys fell apart. Nice to see a familiar guild!
Best move we made, coming to Zul'jin. Love it here, and the higher-pop and stronger raiding community makes it a ton easier for us to fill the somewhat-special niche we fill.

Now, about those MAGES....
Bump, wasn't there, but pretty sure Ji-Kun died.
Hey Fatpad I sent you a message on enjin.

Free bump
Still have room for any solid ranged class.
LF1M solid ranged.
Any Holy Paladins out there?
Still looking for homeless holy paladin.

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