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Opening recruiting to both a resto druid and ranged DPS in addition to the holy paladin.
Hello all. First of all, I've been playing since BC and I just transferred to the server about 3 weeks ago to help a friend out. our recruitment has not been to good, so i am looking for a guild to raid with. I am a 509 ilvl elem/ 508 ilvl resto shamie; very good on both specs. I prefer dpsing but I can heal very well when needed. I do not want to faction change or server change. I am looking for a guild that does hard modes and needs a good shamie, 10/12 minimum. I'm in the military and I have 2 kids so will have duty every 4rth day, meaning I may not be available every 4rth day. I have ranked in current content both healing and dpsing. For any further information please whisper me in game or realid me at Pess#1965.
Hey Pess, hit me up when you see me in game I would like to chat with you.
Why is my character bald.....
10 man fully cleared TOT, 25 man 10/12, though if we had one more pull that night it would have been 11/12. Twin Consorts is surprisingly simple for a penultimate boss.
I can only spell penultimate when I'm sober.

I can never spell penultimate.

Looking for some non-priestly, but-very-beastly heals. Apps @
I'm not quite sure what they are saying, but if it means we are recruiting healers... I agree!
Twins down, Lei Shen's rng feels more like the true penultimate boss.
11/12 N TOT
LF Heals and maybe a lock (I'm desperately lonely)
Opening up limited recruiting for solid DPS and still looking for a H-Paly and/or Resto Shaman.
i have some questions! Battletag Monkster#1499
Adding a spot for a tank (druid, dk or monk)

I am currently in search of a progression guild that raids two nights weekly. I am currently 8/12 in progression in ToT. I am progression minded, and work my hardest to make sure my gear and spec are up to date with the current optimum stats. My recent raiding guild didn't have the damage to progress any further and our top dps transferred realms to raid with a friend. I believe that exemplary attendance is very important, as I do not believe in wasting other peoples time. I have extensive previous and current experience healing as a holy paladin in a raid environment, and have held positions of leadership as the holy paladin class leader in my heroic raiding guild in cataclysm. I believe your guild is a good fit for me, and if you could contact me ingame that would be fantastic :).

steal looking four heals?
Hey Calli, I believe we may have filled our needs in our healing roll. However drop me a line in game and/or toss in an application and we can chat.

I have also added various DPS to the list of needs.
Still have some raid spots available, 1/12H.
Hi DiP! I was sad when I came back from a break and yall had transferred :-(
LFM Warlocks, cuz frankly until I see a whole purple raid tab, I won't be happy.
As a bonus to most raiders, I am working on the wife allowing me to point my webcam on her cleavage while raiding!
Spot or two left for DPS.

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