A-Lock and DK LF Raiding Guild

My brother and I (both 21+) have recently moved to Lightbringer and are looking for an active guild that raids a 2 nights a week. We are both CST so we are looking for starting around 4-6 server time to 9 server time. Earlier in the week are better days for us both.

I am currently ilvl 471 affl lock and he is 465 blood dk and in the process of gearing a frost os.

Not too worried about current progress just that the raids are happening :)

Hey there,
if you two are still looking for a raid group
please consider making us your new home:)

We're interested in having you as a Prot Paladin!

(During server maintenance please contact me via Email - Fuzed@ResonanceBR.net)

>Snip the long posts<

No BS Here,
My guild "XiT Strategy" is reforming their 10M core
and is looking to quickly fill the remaining spots with
dedicated, skilled raiders with progression raiding experience.

Once reformed we hope to clear all current raids in normal mode
in a timely manner, quickly moving into heroics shortly there after.

Raid Times:
T/Th/M 6-10PM Server (West Coast Server).

If interested,
You can read my full thread here --> TinyURL.com/XiTGuild
You can contact me via Battletag --> Fuzed#1672
You can go straight to our site and apply --> XiTGuild.enjin.com

Please note, We do NOT offer paid transfers at this current time.
We're looking for those who can afford the expenses to join us on
US-Lightbringer and kick some serious end-game content @#$!

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