4/6 10m Raid Team LF Skilled DPS

We are currently 4/6 MV and are seeking skilled dps to fill out our roster as we continue to push further progression in raiding. We raid Fridays at 930pm-11:30pm server along with Saturday, Sunday and Monday 9pm-11pm server. We expect our members to come with proper gems, enchants, flasks and potions. We will provide food.

Specifically, we are seeking a rogue, monk, or lock. Please be 470+ item level and pull at a minimum of 50k dps. While we are looking for specific classes, we will consider any exceptional dps. If interested, send an in-game whisper to Andralsong or Arphereal for more details.
No web site, doesn't mention the guild name, uses a low(ish) level alt to tell applicants to contact someone that isn't them, second contact is listed as having been inactive for an extended period of time when viewed on the armory....nicely done.
I did not include a guild name because the raid is not a guild event. Both toons are currently active on the armory so I am not sure why you had an issue with that. However, the position has been filled so thank you for your concern.
Ignore him, Donnicton likes to give people a hard problem when he has a hard problem clearing content.

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