Any RBG teams out there in need of players?

Shattered Hand
Hi my buddeh and I are looking for a RBG team to hop on, we are both fully geared with some malovent pieces and soon to get weps next week. We both have up to 1850 exp in RBGS, 2200 exp in 3v3 and 5v5. We also have multiple geared characters i have this my mage and a fully geared warrior with malovent weapon. He has a fully geared resto shaman gets weapon next week and fully geared holy paladin with malovent weapon. Hit me up in game or just reply here either one my battletag is Danks#1885 might make it easier to msg me. We also have another friend who has geared spriest/dk as well.
Message me in game. The three of you.
Will do.

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