[H] Walrus Breeders 10m LF SM Fury War

Walrus Breeders dot com
Faction - Horde
Level - 25
Type - 10m Raid
Schedule - Tuesday & Thursday, 9PM to 11:30PM Server Time.

Requirements: Min 478 IL, 4/6 MSV, Anything higher is much appreciated.
Tank: Closed
Healer: Closed
Melee DPS: Open --- Single Minded Fury Warrior
Ranged DPS: Closed

1 - Attendance. Be there for every raid, because others rely on your loyalty to the raid.
2 - Be The Best In Your Class. Your A Game... the part of a team that drives a successful raid to progress fast.
3 - Positive Attitude. It cannot be stressed enough, when things get tough, attitude is what keeps the main goal in mind.

Research; the boss mechanics, your class, stats, rotation, and your roles in fights. You must know sites / ways to find videos and explanations.

Be Prepared; Flasks, Food, Pots, and the best gear you can get outside of raid.

If you believe you are up to the requirements, feel free to contact us in game :)

Contact Info
    Terräwr (alt 0228 - ä)
    Jazline (or any Jaz character in guild)

G Recruit Post
Need SM Fury Warrior and Affliction Lock!
when i was small i would take a pack of skittles and smash each one together with my thumbs as if it was a tournament to see which one was the strongest. the last skittle that survived would be the victor and I would mail it to the company stating that it was the toughest skittle.
Did you ever get a response?
BUMP for SM Fury Warrior
Havent got the weapons for SMF ><
Can you log out in your raid gear?

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