<Insatiable>Late night Weekend 10man LFM

Insatiable is a newly formed late night 10 man on Zul'Jin Horde(PVE.) A core of players from world top 100 or better guild with experience over several expansions. We are looking for players with similar experience who are not going to cause any drama and are willing to dedicate enough to clear this expansion as well. Applicants should be able to take a joke as well as criticism, the guild has a very active sense of humor as well as a core who want the best from their raid. If you are interested in clearing current content and having a good time but can not put in 4-5+ days a week please consider us.

We are currently looking to sort out our healing core before pushing hard into heroic content.

Raid times, loot, etc
We start raid at 11 PM and end at 3 AM Eastern Friday and Saturday. Loot will be handled through a non-biased loot council. We use Mumble for voice chat, so please have it installed and working properly.

Current Recruitment Needs:

- 1 Rogue(assass/Combat) Or -1 Mage (frost/arcane)
- 1 Ret paladin Or - 1 Enhance shaman

- 1 Resto Druid
- 1 Holy Paladin

480+ iLevel with at a majority of content experienced

Alts are not anything we're interested in at this point and time.

http://insatiable-guild.net/ - please sign up on the website and submit an application

contact myself Cakesxo#1945 or Indolent in-game concerning recruitment
lf resto shaman and relaxed nerds who wanna help us level yo
still rshaman
Wheres Auston when you need him
visuh contact me when you can please we need to talk before you come over.
up for a shaman for this week.
Look me up if you ever need a shadow priest. Haven't been able to raid with the 25 team since ultra in DS because of my crappy work schedule.
Still need that resto sham? I need a new home. This server is dead. Been raiding since vanilla so I'd like to think I'm fairly competent. Post here or add me thesums281@hotmail.com/jellis3301@yahoo.com
sorry guys was busy for a few days and wasnt able to be on the forums.

Bumps though for a holy pally pref.
up for a holy paladin

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