[A] LF Healers & Caster DPS

Who we are
We Might Be Giants (25) is an active, social, mediumsized guild. There's no stress and no drama. There are only awesome people ;-)

What we look for
- Healer
- Caster DPS (Mage, Warlock, SPriest, Boomkin)

While we welcome all friendly souls, we're mainly looking for more dedicated players who are looking to raid. We have an abundance of tanks & melee DPS, but are short on healers and ranged dps. Experience is not required. All we ask is that you show up on time & prepared (463 ilvl fully gemmed/enchanted).

Our goal
We raid at our own pace and most of us are not interested anymore in heroic modes. While some of us have cleared heroic content in previous expansions while it was current, our goal is to be dedicated to raiding, but not at the cost of having fun, and to clear all the content on normal mode, stress-free.

Raidtimes & days
Our raids generally start at 7.30pm and end between 9.00-10.00pm (server=PST). We raid 2 nights a week, but don't have set days yet, as we're currently filling up empty slots with available guildies or pugs. Generally anywhere between Tuesday to Friday. Also doing old content raids for achievements, transmog gear and mounts on Sundays/Mondays.

If you're interested to join We Might Be Giants, please comment below or whisper a member ingame. If you're interested to raid with us, whisper McMerriss, Leyah or me for an invite or for more information.

Edit 12/17: updated raidtimes & recruitment needs.
Still looking for DPS and a healer.
Our current composition is:

Tanks: Death Knight, Paladin
Healers: Druid, Shaman (or Priest)
Melee: Paladin, Druid, (Warrior, Death Knight)
Ranged: Hunter, Shaman, (Mage)

LF a healer (any class) and another ranged dps.
Still looking for more!
Interested to join one of our raids as a pug first? Whisper Mcmerriss, Vuelta or Elume ingame for an invite. Our next raid will be on Tuesday 7.30pm (server = PST).

Still looking for:
- healers
- caster DPS
No more room for a melee?
I'm looking to raid once I hit 90 :) I'm very knowledgeable of my class, I love having a laid back environment, just want to play with some people is there anyone i could pst in game?
Thanks both of you for your interest. We are currently only doing mount runs on Monday starting 6pm and Old content raids on Tuesday starting 7.30pm, as our raiders are currently not up to the challenge of MSV. We are, however, still in need of a healer(s) and ranged dps. We're fortunate to have plenty of melees of all classes, so no direct need for that in raids.

If you're not looking for a progression guild, but mainly for a social environment where you can raid on occassion and have some fun, we welcome you. You can whisper Mcmerriss, Elume, Leyah, me or any officer / lieutenant ingame for an invite.

Ps. Some of our members actively pug raids and do have some progression in MSV. It's just a matter of time before we can go into MoP raids with the guild.
Still welcoming players who are looking to raid, especially healers & caster dps.

Gear and experiences are of less importance than being able to perform well in a raid: knowing your class and role, being aware, friendly attitude, showing up on time, reading up on boss fights, be as prepared as you can be with appropriate enhancements and all the obvious stuff :-)

Some of our members have up to 5/6 experience in MSV, and I don't doubt that we have what it takes to take down those bosses as a guild. Just looking to fill those last few spots.
You've been busy ;-) didn't you have a 460 arms warrior too?
And thanks for the offer, i'll whisper ingame to let you know if/when we're raiding!
The guild might do a MSV this wednesday at 7.30pm server. I can't make it this week, but there's probably room for 1 or 2 healers and some ranged DPS. Happen to have/know a healer too Hounds? ;-)
Updated raidtimes & recruitment needs.

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