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Although bans can be pretty random at times; I got a 24 hour ban for posting a "leaked panda monk pvp video" (guy getting attacked by a panda through the fence at a zoo) right after the mop announcement.

Apparently it was trolling.


I love your sense of humor.
11/10/2012 11:12 AMPosted by Cyannalyn
Has anyone else had this issue, emailing the correct email and never receiving a response to why the 24 hour ban happened? How can anyone change their posts if they follow the guidelines posted but get banned and are never told what they did wrong?

If you are banned, they send your account email notification, right?

not if from the forums, it just gives a generic label in the posting box saying why you can't post which may not even be relevant to the post in question
11/10/2012 10:53 AMPosted by Ducksaüce
Re-read your post and ask yourself if you'd say that to your grandmother. Odds are if you wouldn't then you probably shouldn't post it.

I agree with this but if you post on multi forums and you post alot.. how are you to tell which one got you into trouble.

I would be nice if they find you have overstepped their guidelines./Rules that they tell you which rule you broke

That is kind of like a cop stopping you and giving you a ticket and not saying why only that you broke a rule... well which rule did you break?
OP, don't feel bad, chances are if you recognize a name, they have been banned before. Well, that may be a gross generalization, but lets just say I have met the hammer once or twice. It's only 24 hours or so. I do agree, the vagueness in their emails are just that, too vague.
11/10/2012 11:28 AMPosted by Paraloser
It would just be beneficial for the community if there were reasons given to us to why something has happened, it feels like a dictatorship almost. Like the prison Zimbardo studies, we don't know why punishment has been dealt, it just has been.
Distinct difference here: Zimbardo studies were studying the effects of a system like you describe on members of society. Not customers of a company.

Prisons are public facilities that have a substantial effect on society's perception of "normal" behavior. If you're in prison, you cannot just walk away from your prison sentence and be rid of whatever you hate about it. Fortunately, with Blizzard, if you don't like it, you have the freedom to leave. And in fact, you also exercised your capacity to complain to Blizzard about their course of action.
We're unable to share customer information on a public forum.

I didn't issue the suspension but can answer questions you may have regarding your situation. For more information, please email from the registered email address on the account.

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