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It was quite a long time ago since blizz introduced the wow mobile armory, guild chat and auction feature for iPhones and androids...but where is the love for windows phones. Windows Phone is growing at an amazing rate and more and more companies and making apps for it. Why not Blizz?

I am pretty much begging at this point for the Blizzard mobile and web team to develop for Windows Phone 8, and I'm sure I'm not alone.
I'd love to have an armory app for my Lumia 920, and perhaps now that Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 share a fair amount of underlying code, it will become a reality.
Couldn't agree more, Worstdkever. Windows phone 8 is going to explode in the next 2 years and app developers are going to have to start building their apps for the platform. I would love to see Blizzard look into development of the armory app on this new OS. Love my new Lumia 920 <3
I also have the Lumia 920. Very beautiful OS and this phone is 2x more powerful than the iPhone 5. Lumia 920 also has better ppi than retina display on the iphone.
Lumia 920 is an awesome phone! Mobile Armory would make it that much better!
I am going to like this because I agree 100%... however this is the wrong forum for this as this is the community API forum, and this belongs in the mobile / website suggestion and feature request forum....

but again.. agree 100% and i would LOVE to be able to use the wow armory app and guild chat on my new lumia 920 that i used to be able to do on my iphone 4S :)
Gonna throw in my support here. Been clamoring for a WP armory app since the platform launched. Sadly, I think we're too small a minority in the mobile sphere for blizz to care about us having an armory app. It's a damn miracle we even have an authenticator app.
Opened up a new thread with the same topic in the appropriate forum.
Sorry to necro, but I see no point in creating another thread about this. Still waiting for support for Windows Phone 8.
Yes Make it all for windows phone. i need to satisfy my needs via a mobile phone.
Me too, me too! While still not necessarily in the same league as iOS and Android, Windows Phone is rapidly growing (275% last quarter). I recently saw the mobile app on an Android device, and it's beautiful.

I would love to see something similar for Windows Phone 8.

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