Absorbs and Recount

I heal on my Monk a lot and did a RF where a Disc Priest with moderately better gear than my Monk was attaining HUGE numbers for healing. So I decided to try Discipline on my Priest (love Holy but mostly because Prayer of Mending Procs are fun from Divine Insight). My issue is that with Recount, any absorbs are showing up as HUGE decimal numbers which annoy me to hell because they merge into each other making it impossible to see any real numbers.

Is there a fix or update? Because I played a Paladin during Cataclysm and Illuminated Healing DID NOT do this then, but now all Absorbs are, is there a fix?
There is another thread on this topic on the first page: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/7109541185
Disc is able to effectively snipe almost all the healing in LFR and inflate their numbers fairly close to where their actual maximum is in certain fights. A disc priest could be doing 80k hps to your 30 in LFR, but assuming you were the same gear and same skill level, it might look closer to 85k to your 90 in a heroic raid.
My question isn't about how strong Disc is, I understand their numbers are affected by their absorbs easily because of how they work, but I'm asking about Recount and how to stop it from being recorded as 19379.2874814709 for min and maximum and totals so the numbers actual are readable
There is no fix or update, unfortunately.
Recount Config. You can change many things with it.
11/11/2012 06:42 PMPosted by Rangore
Recount Config. You can change many things with it.

It doesn't fix the issue. If I'm correct, Galvianna is seeing the squish when she opens up the Detail Window.
Use Skada mod. It has a section of healing only and does not account for Absorbs.

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