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"Paying to play the game doesn't inherently entitle you to get what you want the way you want. We take player feedback very seriously, but this isn't design by democracy."

I find comments like this to show your lack of business knowledge. However true, somethings you should word much differently. I will be contacting your supervisor to voice my concerns. You sir should have some additional support training.
What if rep rewards were BoA?
You have one toon.
It's 85.

My alt finding chrome extension says that you have nothing else. Do you have two accounts or are you just lying?
i wonder how much people would troll if they chaged everything back to how hard it was in nilla where the game was challenging and raids were hard and you had 40 ppl not 25 fighting over loot

I was here in vanilla, and it was fun. I cannot remember there being dailies. Were you here then? Can you remember there being any dailies?

Instead, we had these things called instances....

Yes, we had to put a lot of time in back in vanilla to be successful, just like now. Perhaps more so.

The difference is that putting that time in seemed like fun doing instances, rather than drudgery doing dailies.

I was here in vanilla too. The game we played back then is completely different than the one we play now and that's a good thing. Back then it was either give 12-15 hours a week to WoW or you won't see raid/pvp spoils. 40 person raiding was a fun novelty for a while, but the people that played that game back then all grew up and have lives. It's easy to say how much fun that was when you might have been in a space to dedicate a ton of hours to raid without any significant impact on your life. The fact is managing 40 people is not fun at all. Nowadays casual players have a chance at least to see the content that Blizzard is spending time to develop. It might not be OMG HEROIC MODE RAIDING, but it's still a piece of the pie.

Now explain to me how grinding UBRS and Dire Maul over and over is any more fun than grinding out dailies for a faction. It's the same concept of seeing content over and over to unlock access to more goodies. It's the same carrot with a different bow on it.
Just throwing this back out there to be seen again.

Revenues for the third quarter were 673 million, a 26.3% increase (+11.6% at constant currency) compared to the same period in 2011, and EBITA was 182 million, a 54.2% increase (+36.5% at constant currency).

This means: Complainers and whiners aside, most people are hurling huge buckets of money at Blizz right now for Mists.

Their current strategy is working.
I think on thing blizzard is not taking into account is server population. Many people have said that the dailies don't take them very long. On my server it take 30-45 minutes for me to complete the shao-tein mob quest. Every character is given that daily quest, so every character is at some point there trying to kill the mobs. To make thing worse people are hiring tanks to help them. So the tank is going through the area slapping everything in sight. And I am not going to pay another $25.00 on top of my sub fee just to move to a server that is less populous.

Now i have 5 toons. This is my only 90. To get better gear for myself, I can do dailies or dungeons. If I do dungeons there is roughly a 30 minute queue time just to get into a dungeon. Most of the time the tank will leave as soon as he zones in for whatever reason. So I have to invest a lot of time just into getting enough gear to get into LFR. I work 12 hour days at my job 5 days a week, I am being left behind in my guild because I don't have enough time to invest into gearing up 1 toon much less my healer, tank or DPS.

So I see where some players are coming from, I can also see Blizzards point of view as well. However to say that the daily grinds are not needed is wrong. unless you are a tank or healer. DPS have the longest queue times, so it isnt as easy for us to gear up through alternate means.
Whats going on with these long matnace it pissing me off that i cant play
11/13/2012 11:07 AMPosted by Keppet
I wonder if, with the current type of players, would AQ have ever opened? (assuming there was still no flying for material gathering).

HAHA oh man... yeah...

"You're forcing us to open these gates just to stir up content! What a transparent strategy to get us to sink time into the game... ugh... be original and give us something fun to do!!"

Yet people will claim incorrectly that they played in Vanilla and all its myriad of good things while events like that and the horrid Argent Dawn grind will just be conveniently forgotten.

How DARE Sha of Anger rarely drop items for me!! Back in Vanilla I was... wait... no... doing World Dragons happened rarely and getting loot rarer still...

I find it highly amusing that all the would-be raiders stuck just past Stoneguard or thereabouts with lower ilvls than me (no normal raid experience at all this expansion) are some of the most vocal of folks crying for changes.

Do what you want, and if you want something be willing to accept the prerequisites that go with that reward.

Might as well complain that things like Insane in the Membrane require arduous amounts of grinding to complete...

People are hurling buckets of money at Blizzard right now in spite of the few complainers about CRZ and Dailies.

Imagine that.

Ehhh, it's more than a "few." It's a pretty substantial number of complaints, just looking through the first 30 pages of general discussion on any given day, lately. (Also, looking at what gets Blue attention. They typically either hop into a hot issue, or hop into a silly thread to make a silly joke).

Again, it's one of those things that takes time (like dailies, lol). Fatigue sets in eventually. We might not see a decline ever (that doesn't mean things are perfect, just that Blizz gets the money and the status quo remains), but if we do see a decline it will be slow and steady and I'm willing to be 5.1 will be really important in that regard. If people are greeted by a whole new patch that offers little to the casual other than more dailies, we'll see if they quit or not. Honestly, I'm not as sure as you seem to be--I think it could go either way.

I'd love to see more constructive feedback about the content, though, and less mindless back and forth.
This has more pages than the Sha of Happiness.

I'm disappointed.
"Paying to play the game doesn't inherently entitle you to get what you want the way you want. We take player feedback very seriously, but this isn't design by democracy."

I find comments like this to show your lack of business knowledge. However true, somethings you should word much differently. I will be contacting your supervisor to voice my concerns. You sir should have some additional support training.

Lol, yeah, I imagine he's going to get a real talking to, thanks to Sorcyl the DK.

11/13/2012 11:14 AMPosted by Infernalist
Their current strategy is working.

Pet battles?

lol im so glad i have literally NEVER done a daily quest in my life i HATE PVM on any game.. the only reason i ever PVM is to level. otherwise im PVPing and i love to PVP so it doesnt bother me that i have to PVP alot to get geared.. how can people like PVM anyway? its the same thing over and over and over lmfao..not even fun. pvp is where its at!!!
this is why wow needs too be a free to play game at max level after you buy the game off the shelf like starcraft and ect... free to play. if they took pvp away then id most likely quit.
ffs group with 1 person and ur daily grind turns into 45min for AC GL Shado klaxxi and tillers combined, u can race through them, besides you can down Msv with heroic gear anyway no need to complain about having to get rep for gear for raids
what about all the people that will complain when you take dalies away lol :P
You sound just like the Blizz employee moderating this forum.. Just cause you pay money doesn't mean we care about what you think.. That's the way it sounds, and that's the way it seems. Blizz customer service is the worst in the gaming universe. I don't give a rip one way or the other about tabbards personally,but the attitude displayed by this Blizz employee who's salary is paid by us is unacceptable.

If he has a view just state it then !@#$. The comment about "just because you pay.." was uncalled for and inappropriate, so typical in the Blizz universe.

Glad this guy didn't develop the game, I'm sure it wouldn't be half as good as it is.
If you want to leave lol leave Dallies give you gold i got alot of stuff from LFR on all my toons. Go play Diablo3 and !@#$ baby !!! LOL KIDS !!!

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