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hahaha op claims to have family and kids to spend time with, and also has 9 level 90s. someone is going to grow up with issues.
11/13/2012 11:13 AMPosted by Sorcyl
I find comments like this to show your lack of business knowledge. However true, somethings you should word much differently. I will be contacting your supervisor to voice my concerns. You sir should have some additional support training.

Or you can be less of a thin-skinned entitled human being that believes you need smoke blown up your rear anytime a "professional" representing a company opens their mouth.

The reality of the world is that a company does first and foremost what it thinks is best for itself. Deluding yourself into thinking they do anything otherwise is a fairytale. They can certainly be nice to customers and ensure there is a working business relationship, but that is on even footing, not bowing on hands and knees to your 'almighty' dollar.

The product they produce is the video game we play. The exceptionally negligible number of chowder heads that care about flowery customer support are not even a drop in the ocean in terms of real concern.

His answer was professional and spot on, if you can't handle it the FACT that your voice matters but only so much... then don't communicate with companies that have a customer base larger than just you and a few others.
I've personally been rather enjoying the current iteration on reputation, though I am concerned that the re-playability of the content is going to be much lower the second and third time around. While I appreciate that the 'Revered' stones will help reduce the burden of rep grinding with alts, perhaps we can take the concept further by merging elements of previous tabard systems.

I'm thinking of something like a Bind on Account tabard that requires you to be exalted with a faction to purchase, but then grants reputation from alternate sources such as zone quests, dailies, dungeons or scenarios.

Given that a number of the factions have quests that only become accessible at certain reputations (for example the Growing the Farm quests of The Tillers), perhaps the tabard rep gain could be gated by requiring these quests before they resume working. Granted this might over-complicate matters, but I'm trying to avoid negating the story progression element of reputation gain.

Just an unrefined idea to throw into the melting pot!
Maybe you should play casually instead of Hardcoring it.

I'm casual, I put in 3-4 hours a day and I have yet to get through the rep and at least 50% of the quest content in MOP.

It could be fun if you play less, I learned that a few years ago. I'm an original beta vanilla player.

Finally ready to call it quits, realized today after almost 8 years of playing that I just didn't enjoy the game anymore.

MoP ruined this game for people like me, I have a family, and I cannot and WILL not be forced into doing dailies across all my toons or hell even ONE toon in order to progressively gear my characters.

The new loot system for LFR, Sha, etc is completely unbearable, constantly seeing 28g pop up across all my toons gives me ZERO incentive to continue grinding out the casual content I am used to.

And its not like I havent given it time, I leveled nine classes to 90, and going through the same content over and over wasn't so bad, its the point where you get to 90 and you are pigeon holed into grinding dailies over and over or PVP'ing (which I do NOT enjoy). So I canceled today, which is saying alot because I play alot and used to enjoy this game massively.

Some will flame me, blizz will probably close the post, but truth be told, if they don't address these things soon there will be many following suit.
you are so wrong ive been playing just as long and it takes no time at all to complete dailies and as for LFR there is a simple solution to that...if u get into a raiding guild and get a spot u dont have to worry about that blizz made these changes so REAL players would come back and i personally think the changes were great so casuals have a harder time just obtaining gear that real players work hard and put in time to obtain so imo cry more you wont be missed. #GJBlizzard

The numbers are 'in', man. Players didn't wait for six months before abandoning Cata. They dropped right from the start. And as people get used to doing dailies, the system solidifies and becomes more accepted and tolerated.

Yeah, this had occurred to me. Kind of like how by the time Blizz finally listened about the complaints of Cata's dungeon difficulty it was way too late for it to even be relevant anymore. They've decided that dailies are the gating mechanism (and oft-tedious ones, at that), and we'll just have to DEAL with it, mang.

I realize you want to see things change...but they're not. Especially with Blizz making obscene amounts of profit off of it.

Also true.
he has alota LFR Gear he is just a AZZ
I may not have as many level 90s as the OP has, I may not have played this game as long as the OP has, I started playing after Lich King raid was released. I enjoyed the content thus far.

I went through Cata with mixed feelings. My main (Druid) is still working on getting all the achievements. Still not even done the classic stuff. I managed to get the Cata rep thanks to their tabard rep system.

In MoP I am very much so enjoying it as well. I am paying the full price since day 1 of joining. I am equally upset with the rep grinding through daily questing. I admit it. (Golden lotus in my opinion was horrible) But you know what? It isn't our content.

WoW is created by the Developers Blizzard. They make the final decisions on content. There will always be positive and negative feedback from both sides expressing their views on those changes. I am negative towards the exclusion of tabards but I am not going to whine about it.

There is plenty of content to explore in MoP. If you really are unhappy with it, make your own game.
I am a casually serious raider. Not hard core every day stuff. Just 9 hours a week. This worked great in Firelands and Dragon Soul. Got the content down in a reasonable amount of time and had fun doing it. Even got server first heroic DS.

This week we lost 2 of our 10 members because they simply don't have time to do our raid schedule AND to log in every day to run their dailies AND to run a heroic every day to cap valor. Two other members of our team are considering quitting as well. The enjoyment of raiding just isn't worth the price in prep time.

I wonder how many others are in the same situation. Is raiding dead for most people?
I wonder if, with the current type of players, would AQ have ever opened? (assuming there was still no flying for material gathering).

HAHA oh man... yeah...

"You're forcing us to open these gates just to stir up content! What a transparent strategy to get us to sink time into the game... ugh... be original and give us something fun to do!!"

I giggled

Yet people will claim incorrectly that they played in Vanilla and all its myriad of good things while events like that and the horrid Argent Dawn grind will just be conveniently forgotten.
How DARE Sha of Anger rarely drop items for me!! Back in Vanilla I was... wait... no... doing World Dragons happened rarely and getting loot rarer still...

Or how about that 45 minute baron run to upgrade dungeon blue sets? And they were *gasp* not as good as gear from MC. I can't imagine them trying that now.

That AQ thing though...I actually liked that.
11/12/2012 06:54 PMPosted by Zarhym
zahrym what you said is offensive.

That's silly. The idea that I should have a placating "grin and bear it" approach to players on the forums -- as was discussed last week -- is what you should actually find offensive. And I'm only responding to this to make a quick point:

I have done tech support and customer service and managed people doing these things for larger companies that Blizzard will ever be. If I spoke the way you do Zahrym to customers I would be looking for another job. Your attitude to the players on many occasions is poor. Also if I were to find any of the people I was managing speaking this way they would be given warnings and then gone. You always grin and bear it with dealing with the public. If you can't then you look for a kinder, gentler job. If not for the people that you have to grin and bear it with you would not have a job. You may not have to like them or you may not have to respect them in private but you damn well better act like you do in public. I have been playing Blizzard games for a long time and I must say their attitude to the public keeps going downhill. If you think there is nothing wrong with the quoted statement above then there is a serious leadership issue at Blizzard. If you think not try posting in some of the management sites out there the statement you made and ask if they think you are correct posting that. Willing to bet they say that you can feel that way but you should never tell the public that.
Why not remove dailies and implement Events/Public Quests like Guild Wars 2 and Warhammer did. Unlimited cap so people can grind all day like back in Vanilla, varied and fun little quests that anyone can jump in on?

Will say it again, what is wrong with killing 500 mobs in dungeons when you kill that much or more while doing dailies? What difference is there between months worth of dailies and hashing out instances? Bring back frequently dropped items like sunfury signets, arcane tomes, relics of ulduar. What is so wrong with letting us get rep the way we want? we pay to play your game.

Paying to play the game doesn't inherently entitle you to get what you want the way you want. We take player feedback very seriously, but this isn't design by democracy.

To answer your first two questions, the difference is there is a reward structure in place for dungeons, and a reward structure in place for reputations. You want full access to rep rewards and dungeon rewards without putting effort toward both. Purely from a player standpoint, in terms of getting what you want with as little hassle as possible, it's understandable you might not see anything wrong with that.

But here's a design problem in the Cataclysm model you want back:

- Doing dailies over time unlocks access to rep rewards
- Doing dungeons gives you a shot at loot drops, in addition to points you can use to buy gear (in case RNG hits you hard)
- Wearing a tabard while doing dungeons gives you a shot at loot drops, in addition to points you can use to buy gear, in addition to access to rep rewards

You may not like daily quests. But that alone isn't justification for making daily quests irrelevant for those running group content. By running dungeons with tabards, you effectively got to double-dip in Cataclysm by gaining access to rep rewards, VP rewards, and dungeon drops. It was super convenient, and also left players with a system that didn't really reward you for doing more than the bare minimum of raiding and running seven dungeons each week.

Now there is incentive to vary the content you do. The idea that, "I have a tabard so this endgame content doesn't apply to me," is gone.

^^^ There is nothing wrong with what this blue posted. You are way to over sensitive, and care farrr to much about an online game. Blizzard has done a wonderful job. Get used to change cause its going to happen a lot in your life. Want something easier? go back to console games you can beat in 12 hours. Stop going out of your way to insult a person who is initially the middle man and is only trying to help.

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