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11/13/2012 11:20 AMPosted by Triiniti
you are so wrong ive been playing just as long and it takes no time at all to complete dailies and as for LFR there is a simple solution to that...if u get into a raiding guild and get a spot u dont have to worry about that blizz made these changes so REAL players would come back and i personally think the changes were great so casuals have a harder time just obtaining gear that real players work hard and put in time to obtain so imo cry more you wont be missed. #GJBlizzard

aren't you the person crying about not having LoH?

You do not have room to talk about other people crying.
blizz has got a point im bairly up to were u buy some gear with valor like rings n such and i havent dailyed in 2 weeks but in the best geared horde warrior tank on my server lol lfr ftw as dps for me
11/11/2012 04:06 PMPosted by Monk
MoP ruined this game for people like me, I have a family

11/11/2012 04:06 PMPosted by Monk
And its not like I havent given it time, I leveled nine classes to 90,

ROFLROFLROFL - Family man huh? hahahahahaha....

The numbers are 'in', man. Players didn't wait for six months before abandoning Cata. They dropped right from the start. And as people get used to doing dailies, the system solidifies and becomes more accepted and tolerated.

Yeah, this had occurred to me. Kind of like how by the time Blizz finally listened about the complaints of Cata's dungeon difficulty it was way too late for it to even be relevant anymore. They've decided that dailies are the gating mechanism (and oft-tedious ones, at that), and we'll just have to DEAL with it, mang.

I realize you want to see things change...but they're not. Especially with Blizz making obscene amounts of profit off of it.

Also true.

Maybe in a few months, a year, maybe, they'll put in Rep Tabards for people coming into the game late. Who knows?
lols. 9 level 90s. You have no family :)
Maybe the Expansion isn't what people wished for. A lot of players are quitting. I personally love Mists of Pandaria. I do not have it, but have played it on a friends computer from level 89-90 for his personal character. I thought it was a great addition to World of Warcraft. I don't think you should call it quits just yet. They might add more things onto the expansion. It just came out a few months ago, so obviously there is going to be a lot of bugs.
the game is easy now and u still complain bout dailies u want everythink easy and bout LFR loot system is ok by me no more people ninja stuff for friends
11/13/2012 11:21 AMPosted by Keppet

HAHA oh man... yeah...

"You're forcing us to open these gates just to stir up content! What a transparent strategy to get us to sink time into the game... ugh... be original and give us something fun to do!!"

I giggled

Yet people will claim incorrectly that they played in Vanilla and all its myriad of good things while events like that and the horrid Argent Dawn grind will just be conveniently forgotten.
How DARE Sha of Anger rarely drop items for me!! Back in Vanilla I was... wait... no... doing World Dragons happened rarely and getting loot rarer still...

Or how about that 45 minute baron run to upgrade dungeon blue sets? And they were *gasp* not as good as gear from MC. I can't imagine them trying that now.

That AQ thing though...I actually liked that.

See, when I think about my vanilla and (to a much lesser extent) BC experience, that's why the current rep "grinds" frustrate me--they're more of a return to that, and I didn't like it back then. As the playing populace gets older we have less time to invest, it seems, and we want the same reward. Going off common complaints, anyway.
Eight years? How have you been able to get so many characters to 90? MOP has only been on line for a few weeks. I'm more upset about all the rolling restarts and down time that we have to put up with.
I don't think so...but then again I could very well be smelling an ebayer here....or someone with a horrible memory....IT WAS CALLED MOLTEN CHORE 40 MAN....where huntards got to fight over 3 pieces total back in the day...which were pieces for quests...quests requiring OTHER pieces...4 pieces for the bow....3 months of 4 nights a week, 5-10 hours a night raiding to get that bow...how long has it been since you got a drop Monk? I strongly recommend an mmo called wizard 101...yeah...my 9 year old has awesome phat loots there!
Just throwing this back out there to be seen again.

Revenues for the third quarter were 673 million, a 26.3% increase (+11.6% at constant currency) compared to the same period in 2011, and EBITA was 182 million, a 54.2% increase (+36.5% at constant currency).

This means: Complainers and whiners aside, most people are hurling huge buckets of money at Blizz right now for Mists.

Their current strategy is working.

People threw huge buckets of money at blizz for cata as well and that was a complete disaster of an expansion.

I think MoP is a huge improvement over cata... except in this one area.

I can live with the tightly packed mobs and i can live without flying, but this dailies change from wrath and cata i just can't accept.

LOL Oh wow.

No, They didn't. Cata numbers dropped from THE START. 600k net sub loss from the FIRST QUARTER. then 300k loss. Then a 900k loss. Over 9 months.

They were bleeding subs from the beginning of Cata. They never made a profit off of Cata.
are there any nice people in wow that dont think there better then everyone els
maybe the fact that its 9 dfferent classes that you leveled...i mean i play alot and only have two of my 11 toons at 90....got to give the grind a breather man....i agree completely about LFR looting system and the Sha looting system....but thats no reason to go MIA on wow bro....24 million people actively play this game it cant be all that bad....just got to slow it down a bit....the people that complain the most about some thing like the grinding is because they did it just waaaaaaaaay to much at one time

Yeah, this had occurred to me. Kind of like how by the time Blizz finally listened about the complaints of Cata's dungeon difficulty it was way too late for it to even be relevant anymore. They've decided that dailies are the gating mechanism (and oft-tedious ones, at that), and we'll just have to DEAL with it, mang.

Also true.

Maybe in a few months, a year, maybe, they'll put in Rep Tabards for people coming into the game late. Who knows?
if u hate the game so much quit playing just sayin as long as blizz is making profit from what there doing they will keep it this way and theres no use crying over it
So far I've been pretty quiet on the subject of dailies etc as far as MoP is concerned...but I've decided to go ahead and toss some things out there.

First, nothing whatsoever in the game is forced, absolutely NOTHING. The only thing that is forced is if you want to play, you have to log in...beyond that everything (and I do mean everything) in the game is a choice whether to do it or not. From what character you play to what you do once you get the game loaded everything is optional.

Don't want to do dailies? don't do them...don't want to run dungeons? then don't...don't want to farm up wildfowl breasts to raise your friendship level with Farmer Fung? Then don't. Don't want to PvP? Don't queue up. Want to stand in Stormwind now that is nearly deserted and look at the canal all day then do it.

There is nothing in the game that Blizzard even -can- force you to do. Even if you log in and suddenly you are standing in the middle of 1000 Mantid that suddenly start attacking you...you can choose to either try to fight them (good luck with that btw), stand there and let you character die or you can attempt to run away. Even if your character dies you can choose to either run back to your body and res (hoping you can do so without re-aggroing those 1000 Mantid) or you can choose to take res sickness and gear wear by ressing at the spirit healer.

Bottom line is...all this 'dailies are forced' talk is simply people who want things to have the same access to the same things that they had in Cata.

Here's a little reminder...chances are at least -some- of those people are the same people that spoke out very loudly about how Cata sucked hard core. Things change and unless you are willing to change with them you are gonna have a bad time.

Do I like everything about MoP? No I do not. I don't like leveling my secondary professions so I can complete all the dailies for the Cloud Serpents...but it is my choice whether to do so or not (I can just as easily choose to simply skip those dailies). Do I like leveling 6 versions of cooking to max out my cooking? Not particularly but again I am choosing to do so because I want to be able to cook everything.

So if you feel that the dailies are 'forced' just remember that you are choosing to do the dailies because you want what is provided at the end. Dungeons aren't forced either, you are choosing to do them because you want the rewards they provide.
You sound just like the Blizz employee moderating this forum.. Just cause you pay money doesn't mean we care about what you think.. That's the way it sounds, and that's the way it seems. Blizz customer service is the worst in the gaming universe. I don't give a rip one way or the other about tabbards personally,but the attitude displayed by this Blizz employee who's salary is paid by us is unacceptable.

If he has a view just state it then !@#$. The comment about "just because you pay.." was uncalled for and inappropriate, so typical in the Blizz universe.

Glad this guy didn't develop the game, I'm sure it wouldn't be half as good as it is.

you must have a hard time reading. The blizzard post said that they do care about what you say and they went farther to say take it into consideration. They did say that just because you DO have an OPINION does not entitle you instantly get it. How is it bad customer service to say that they are listening to you? You sound like your typical pain in the !@# american customer to me
I agree that the gear situation is terrible as I find that whether you do raids alot or dungeons the chance to get a gear was not good, especially when everyone saying need or greed for roll. BUT I compromise with the fact if my guild or anybody out there has prob with my gear lvls then it rest upon the guilds and other players within guild to make their players better for dungeons or raiding. LOL since i rarely do either since i can not vent (hearing impaired) most of time i get kicked out of group, that and i suck in raid or dungeons as my motto is just go at the monster pell mell, so what is the real problem? Has your wife finally given you ultimatum, my girl did but I don't pay attention and she really does understand why I play, first social reason i can commun with others, 2 helps keep pain and depression away as i talk like normal person to other gamers as if i could in real life. numero 3 is whether or not game has problem at least i can feel normal, thank you all wow gamers for letting me in.
i believe it all depends on class capability on taking down mobs via soloability or not. It depends solely on what kind of gear you have and (for a casual player) what spec you lean. Because for casual players, you tend to lean a certain way spec/gearwise not multiple... once that is done, your grinding solo difficulty could increase 10 fold.

Take for example, me. I am an old old wow player since vanilla since it came out. I remember the grinding you had to do in order to level. it was INSANE... and let's get straight here people, no matter the spec or class back in the day, it was INSANE. So it is easier in SOME aspects. But I believe Blizz has tried to return that difficulty from Vanilla back a little bit to return some things the old gamers have missed for such a long time.

Getting back to myself, I am a resto (main spec, geared), casual playing druid. this means that unlike what i used to be (crazy hardcore raider), i am not geared on 3 different specs to support those other secondary specs like I was able to back in Vanilla, TBC, and WOTLK.

that being said, since I only really have resto gear, trying to be a boomkin makes my solo grinding insanely hard and slow. So I see MANY MANY people's points when they say it takes way to long and burns them out easily.
However, I can see the other side because If you can find a dps or tank player, as a healer, makes it go by fast because of the fact that you can now pull a LOAD of mobs and just heal the tank or the DPS and be fine. But again it isn't every day your buddy is online to do that.

in conclusion, i do not agree that dailies should be the only source of valor gear, i believe it should be there as some gear and enchantments, but not a majority of them. Again i state that i am NOT completely discounting dailies entirely. I really liked the WOTLK daily system. That i believe offered a happy medium for all sorts of people, both hardcore and casual.
wow there is a lot of people crying over having to do daily's if you don't like them "THEN DON'T DO THEM" easy said. Stop all the crying over them. If you don't like doing daily stop doing them. Go find something else to do. farm or do something else.

Maybe in a few months, a year, maybe, they'll put in Rep Tabards for people coming into the game late. Who knows?
if u hate the game so much quit playing just sayin as long as blizz is making profit from what there doing they will keep it this way and theres no use crying over it

LOL Thanks for that.

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