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11/13/2012 11:04 PMPosted by Därkly
rofl Im sure you didn't hurt as much as I did when I was doing those dailies.

You mean collecting apples and worms wasn't fun, compelling gameplay?
Fighting over goats didn't tickle your fancies?
Helping Gazelle go extinct for obese pandas wasn't epic enough for you?

Ok here just to shut up those who think I am impatient and greedy:

You want a good solution? Here:

- EPICS should ONLY be for raiders. Not for people who are LFR heroes. if you are only into doing dailies / farmville / pokemon, you don't need purple epics. PERIOD.

- Make Heroics... HEROICS. As in make them HARDER and not faceroll like they are now.

- Make raids HARDER. Make progression mean something.


This I can agree with

*edit* btw that's the Vanilla way of doing things and I doubt people would like it much tho because non-raiders want their shiny purples which is what caused all the handout epics.

I honestly didn't start seriously raiding till BC, even though I've been playing since about 3 months after the release of Vanilla. S*** was hard and I believe that is what it was meant to be. I still agree to this day that purples shouldn't be handed out to people like it was in Wrath where I worked my butt off in raids so I could be ready for the next, or in the case of ToC start progressing with heroics. I was pretty sad that I didn't finish Ulduar when ToC was released. Heck I don't think I finished it till we fully cleared normal ICC.

My boyfriend and I worked really hard to be where we wanted to be. I finally got him to realm transfer so we can get into heroic raids because the previous server we were on was very poor progression (And also because we haven't done heroic raiding since Wrath). Granted, the guild we're in right now hasn't done heroic raid since the end of Cata. We're all working on how can we better ourselves so we can get the bosses down we need and get the gear we need as well so we can do heroics (Doesn't help that we've recently lost quite a few people since the release of MoP). We finally killed Elegon for the second time. We've just challenged our healers (myself and a shaman) that we can two heal fights that we normally three heal because we wanted one of our main spec dps to stay dps because she's always one of the top 3 of the charts.

Edit: Took me like 20 minutes to write this post because I was trying to pull out every thought and point from my brain that happened years ago.
Wall of text crits you for over 9999 - sorry if there's grammatical errors, I didn't check them all.

After sifting through all the actual constructive feedback (and the obvious back and forth for the past couple of pages) I'm more inclined to agree there's really nothing wrong with the new system except a couple of annoyances which I'll admit to being pampered all through out wrath and cata.

As for the OP I have also been playing for as long as this game has been out and I think you just need to agree that perhaps you are just completely burnt out like I am? The point holds that if you're a casual you certainly wouldn't have a whole suite of 90s at your disposal. I may not have a family but my life and work right now prevents me to raid like I did years prior to this one.

Let's take vanilla for example, there were no dailies and grinding rep was for those of us who had the time and wanted resist gear for raiding and those took forever. Gearing up meant finding a bunch of people competent enough and had the time to FP all around azeroth! fun times. I won't even mention the pvp grind.

BC came out and woah! suddenly there were choices in what to run for even if it takes forever but god damn it was a breath of fresh air. Gating? not a problem because I will grind that to see new content. Patterns or gear or that nifty mount, for a second I thought Blizzard was spoiling me.

Wrath followed suit and boy did it become even easier and the rewards are almost always useful. That sexy tabard gives me rep for doing stuff that I usually do anyway? sweet. Still there in Cata? even better.

Why did I continue to do dailies? I wanted that upgrade, I wanted that novelty item, I wanted that pattern, hell because I'm a reputation nut or perhaps I like the gold it offers who knows. When I had the time to play games I did all those rather than complaining about nothing to do. If I do get legitimately bored? Guess what? I log off and take a break.

I can only feel for the people who have never seen what is was like to actually grind for something prior to the whole new system where rep was so easily gained I can just sit in a dungeon and hit exalted.

I dinged 90 and hit the heroics straight away after meeting the required ilvl! have not touched a single daily quest and now I'm just doing LFR when I can. Which suffices me for now because I really don't have the time anymore. If I did I'd probably pick up raiding again which I do have the gear for.

So I guess ultimately which target audience do the people complaining about dailies fall under? I agree yes earning VP and not being able to spend them without grinding is a bit annoying but there are other incentives to do these dailies. They are certainly optional at best. I know I can gear up other ways if I wanted to raid or pvp. For the people who think this is a game breaking feature for them, what do you do endgame? If it's purely for that shiny purple don't be afraid to admit it.

Come back when you've done your raids on your 5 main toons, VP capped all of them, done the required dailies and then complain about lack of endgame options. Even then I still found time to do the many achievements that one can obtain :)

I quit playing, that's why I didn't do anything this xpac. My bf plays tho so I see what's going on and its seriously faceroll.

NO the purples should not be given out from dailies anymore. They should only be in raids FOR RAIDERS.

Might I see his character? however if you don't want to 'justify' to me, he must be a good player if he has completed the current raids as much as I have :S considering my guild is in the 99 percentile of guilds. And even then, we still have 20 encounters we haven't yet beaten, let alone no one has completed this content in the world thus far... so please tell me where you are finding this 'faceroll' information

There is no way you can be this stupid.

Yeah I was wondering that too

Back to the attempts at insults I see.

All of wotlk was not as you seem to think it was and BC certainly wasn't. So your "more than the past two expansions" is an exaggeration.

Our guild has one of the fastest Stoneguard kills on our server, the only issue we are having with 4/6 is timing, it really isn't that difficult compared to saaaaaaaaaaaay SSC or BT, heck even Kara.

Yes, Normal MV is still meant to be accessible by semi casual players, which is why there is a FURTHER level of encounter for the raid which ensists of heroic. And I'd dare say that Gara'jal and Spirit kings and the 6th fight are extremely challenging on ten man in this mode. Same goes for HoF.
11/13/2012 08:03 PMPosted by Keppet
So...what about heroics? And you still have a chance at loot, even if you don't SEE it. The chance of you getting loot is the same, or better than lfr last expansion.

I've never seen either a caster or enhancement weapon on this character in a heroic dungeon. As in, I didn't even lose it. None have ever dropped. I'm using two quest 450 items for enhancement.

As for an upgraded healing weapon....you could have done the arena of annihilation scenario.

I used that upgrade for my enhancement set. Try again.

You don't need valor to raid. But it appears you aren't even looking into all of your options to begin with.

Edit: Or rather, you don't seem to realize your gear level "good enough" for raids..... You don't need 489 gear to do content that drops 489 gear.

But again....arena of annihilation

Already done. I ran Brewfest 30 times to get my trinkets. I ran HH about 10? 15? times for the rings. I am not an asset to my guild if my gear is significantly below that of other people with better luck and who have the mental fortitude for 10-14 hours of straight daily grinding a week.
11/13/2012 11:06 PMPosted by Zenway
rofl Im sure you didn't hurt as much as I did when I was doing those dailies.

You mean collecting apples and worms wasn't fun, compelling gameplay?
Fighting over goats didn't tickle your fancies?
Helping Gazelle go extinct for obese pandas wasn't epic enough for you?


That stuff is totally epic. And going back to the quest giver to hear "Thanks so much for your super heroic efforts in helping me plant a seed, now eff off until tomorrow" is the perfect ending. This feels like a blockbuster movie in the making.
11/13/2012 11:13 PMPosted by Tomaxx

YES DS was easy... Who's fault was that? certainly not mine. I didn't ask for any nerf. It was the non raiders who came crying here to ask for nerf.... btw did you see people are already asking for MSV nerfs? Yeah so did I.

And did you even read my answer? MY BF PLAYS SO I SEE THE RAIDS.

While we are agreeing on things can we also agree that LFD and LFR should be gone as well? Bringing back people having to build a rep on their server before all this cross realm BS ruined everything? Also having to be dumbed down so it doesn't require coordination of any kind.

^ This

I still have my rep on my old server, because I've been there for so long and because of my boyfriend as well, but within a year or so, people will have forgotten about us and how awesome we were just like all the people from Vanilla/BC that we encountered and long forgotten.

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