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11/14/2012 01:00 AMPosted by Holy
Sarth 3D was a joke. in both 10 and 25. Did it in current content with a mediocre guild, as a mediocre player. I'd say the last four bosses of HoF were alot more challenging than him.

World first for Sarth-3D was like 3 resets after launch, and that's farming an insanely easy Naxx for tons and tons of free epics every week. The only reason Sarth-3D sucked was that it was the only fight in the entire tier. If we had a full tier of 12+ fights that were all just as hard, we'd have 36 weeks of content for world first quality guilds out of one tier. I think a boss taking 3+ weeks for a world first qualifies as challenging, especially when there's no hard gear check involved.

How challenging do you think content should be? If we get a new tier of raids about every 8 months, how long do you think it should take the world first guild to finish that tier? Your standards just seem completely unreasonable.
11/14/2012 01:03 AMPosted by Wolf
Statistics are still very much the same. There is still less than 1% of players that have KILLED the end bosses :) and there are MORE players - so Blizz is doing fine. Maybe you should be the one reading statistics..?

um....what? lol you can get better info on goggle then the garbage you just spit out,

BC=just under 12 million, it went up kept going up kept going up...ect

3 months after LK droped it started going down....farther down....fartherdown.....

came back up for a seconds due to curiosity w/ cata.....and back down we go again....

MoP is no different
I agree 100% with you.
11/14/2012 01:13 AMPosted by Alastair
Are you new? the forums have been filled with QQ from the start. every patch and every expansion is the worst one ever. BC had plenty of QQ

yes the forums have always had QQ, but it was more "why am i getting nerfed" "im getting chain feared/stunned to death" "im a paladin and i cant kill ANYTHING in pvp"

not just a bunch of titles reading "this game blows" "this game sucks" "im quitting" "i took a dump on my wow box just because i can"
11/14/2012 01:37 AMPosted by Därkly
Hey someone should start a thread for that LOL

i did.....last wk
my annual account expired to day .... not renewing for a while .. but most likely will be back
when the reinvite a freind gos live on my account .

what am i going to do with all that spare time ... at least i worked out funs stuff is for life ...
latest gear is for may be a month
I quit wow for like 4-6 months and tried other games and finally came back at the launch of MoP. This xpac is way better than Cata. The rep grinding might be irritating but atleast rewards the ppl who spend time grinding it. There is def no other game that will keep you this entertained.
11/13/2012 11:16 AMPosted by Baddiez
what about all the people that will complain when you take dalies away lol :P

That wont happen because no one is asking for dailkies to be removed.

people are asking for alternatives so they dont HAVE TO do ther dailies.
I do not plan on grinding any rep. Do not care about rep or what you can get out of it. Mounts, cooking, enchantment patterns, leatherworking patterns. Do not care about that stuff anymore. So grinding rep too me is a waste of time.
11/13/2012 09:52 PMPosted by Analt
Sure I could chase upgrades to my 450 items (cloak, pants, ring), but it's a waste of time since I'll just replace it in the content I'm already clearing or buy it with JP the instant next tier drops on live.

Wait... I didn't think this was how it was going to work this time. I thought they wanted people to catch up later by some combination of running earlier tier LFR and JP/VP item upgrades (the mechanism being added in 5.1). I saw nothing about a new tier of JP/VP gear being added.
11/13/2012 11:12 PMPosted by Holy
Yes, Normal MV is still meant to be accessible by semi casual players, which is why there is a FURTHER level of encounter for the raid which ensists of heroic.

At this point, according to wowprogress.com, about 125K people have cleared Normal MV in NA/EU/KR (and about 330K have downed at least one boss there.) (*)

That's hardly "semi-casual". That's a tiny slice of the player population. The semi-casual raider from previous expansions is in the LFR ghetto, if he/she is raiding at all.

(*) Found by multiplying the number of tracked guilds that have progressed that far by the average raid size of said guilds; multiply by a small fudge factor to account for bench.
11/13/2012 11:50 PMPosted by Lucitya
Basically it feels like EVERYTHING in this expansion is geared at taking as much time as humanly possible (tons of dailies, long leveling time, no BoA gear, No flying while leveling alts, huge time sink capping Valor, etc.) I know people complained about not having enough to do, but there has to be a balance.

Nailed it.

It seems Blizzard fundamentally misunderstood what people were complaining about in Cataclysm. I don't think anyone was asking for an alt-hostile grindfest of a game. World of Chorecraft is not what people wanted.

Maybe Blizzard you need to stop changing the parts of a game that were actually working ok? Every time you change something, you seem to have a good chance of breaking it, since you don't seem to have a good track record of understanding or predicting how your customers will react.
I don't like this expansion at all. My annual passport ends in a few days, I'm just waiting for it to end to unsubscribe. I may be back in a future expansion.
OP shows up for a marathon.
The starting gun goes off.
OP goes into full on sprint.
OP runs out of steam.
OP blames race coordinator for the track design.
Squeaky wheels chime in to agree with OP.
Sane people like me pray Blizz realizes how crazy OP (and those that agree with OP) is.

Pace yourself ladies and gents. its not blizz' fault you have no self-control.
what would fix this:

valor gear is bought with valor, not locked behind reputation.
dont lock reputation behind other reputation.

Thats pretty much the biggest issue and would relieve a lot of players stresses. I know on my main, I gave up, said F*** dailys and loitered a bunch because i was having more fun socializing than head down grinding like some socially inept basement dweller. on my leveling alts, I said F*** dailys and dungeon crawl on them the odd time here or there but after getting burned on mindless dailys over and over and over again its just not that interesting.

maybe if quest design wasnt the same 6 quests in different environments they would actually be fun.

1) Kill X
2) Kill X of Y
3) kill X of Y and get A of B
4) gather A of B
5) ride C and push 1 or 2 till you have killed X of Y
6) click quest item X in area A,B and C

you can only do so much with the platform itself, so that means you cant have too many dailys or it gets boring really fast.
dont get me wrong, there is some right things with this xpack, like the many ways to get valor, thru dailys and scenarios, that is a right move, but locking them out not so much.

I think if scenarios are supposed to be fast run thrus, we should see more of them constantly being updated to fill the gaps. theyre fun at first, fast, simple, but after doing them a few times you dont really go back.

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