Farewell WoW, MoP = RIP

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Do I play for progression and adventure or do I play to dress up my dollie?
Do I choose to continue to pay for a game or do I cancel the subscription?

So many questions.

Apparently you just play dress up dolly if you're so concerned with not having the same level gear in half the time.

And if I continue to do my dailies and he stops doing them, I'll progress at a faster rate and be better for my team.

I'll have RNG and Dailies.
He'll have RNG and... well... hrmm... He'll just have RNG.

Except he's doing dailies, not RNG. If you're doing dailies and RNG that's a choice you're making. You don't have to do it. You absolutely do not have to do it to progress. You absolutely can progress in raids without getting valor gear and just doing heroics and LFR.

I'm wearing gear only obtained through Dailies. Herpaderp.

If I wasn't doing dailies, I would still be in 476 Heroic LFD gear. (The ring and neck haven't dropped in Normal.)

You mean 463? 476 is LFR and craftable gear. Herpaderp indeed.

11/12/2012 02:05 AMPosted by Morrigahn
Reread what I wrote. Haste makes waste and I am proof of it.

Well this just made me giggle. Again with that proof. Considering you keep changing your argument...proof of what?

11/12/2012 02:05 AMPosted by Morrigahn
You ignore that both the OP and I are in gear ONLY obtained through Dailies because that invalidates your argument.

You have plenty of gear not obtained through dailies. Only two are from factions and both could have equally good counterparts obtained through other means.

I'll restate: Where do you get 489+ gear? Normal/Heroic raids and Dailies.
What do you do when you don't get the drops in Normal/Heroic due to RNG? Do nothing and wait another week?

That's what everyone had to do before. It's nothing new.

VP gear was not gated behind reputation in WotLK or Cataclysm.[/quote]

Seems you didn't read what I said or you said. The "that's what everyone had to do before, it's nothing new" is in reference to "do nothing and wait another week?"

I wanted to bold this so you can see how stupid you are.

The gear pre-raid is item level 463 or 476.
The gear from reputation dailies is 489.

You don't need 489 gear from valor and faction rep to be successful in normal level raids.

11/12/2012 02:05 AMPosted by Morrigahn
...you shoot your argument in the foot.

Funny, my foot feels perfectly fine.

You ignore we are both in gear from Dailies and he has the shoulders and back from a higher tier of reputation. If it wasn't for Dailies gear, we wouldn't be as progressed as we are now.

As well, due to RNG he may very well be bottlenecked in gear progression.

Thank you for helping me prove my point. :D

You really are a lost cause aren't you? You Are going to keep lying, changing your story, and refusing to see the facts. Very well. If you can't see all the choices you have to progress and that you are not forced into anything, that's your problem. It's sad but, well, the game isn't for everyone.
11/11/2012 04:06 PMPosted by Monk
MoP ruined this game for people like me, I have a family, and I cannot and WILL not be forced into doing dailies across all my toons or hell even ONE toon in order to progressively gear my characters.

Rep gear is not progression.....

Do heroics and run LFR like you did last expansion.

Err nevermind...There's a shiny over there and you just HAVE to have it.
Well, the OP has the right to voice his frustration, although I don't really get the whole "I hate dailies" vibe I've been reading.

I mean, if we instead use the system of tabards, don't you have to grind dungeons over and over again? So you're just substituting one repetition over the other.

And can someone tell me if it is indeed impossible, or at least extremely difficult, to down raid bosses without dailies gear (e.g., using LFR, or heroic dungeon, or crafter gear)? Or are people clamouring for the optional vanity items that require exalted with certain reps?
11/11/2012 04:12 PMPosted by Kaioon

Drugs are back MKay.
still think valor points and justice points should just go away.
11/12/2012 03:27 AMPosted by Shaidy
still think valor points and justice points should just go away.
You're right.

Blizz should bring back BADGES!
Daily forced grind is just stupid. Blizzard needs to realize this fast enough or we will have another Cataclysm.

They need better reaction times to problem as big as this one.
Dang you have a family and you had time to level nine classes to 90 in less than 2 months ? lol
Breaks are a good thing. Plus, no one said you had to log on every day to do it. No one even said you had to do it. Could always gear up the usual way.
CRZ is whats killing it for a lot of us. We played a hame "improperly" for eight years, and a Marine Biologist who took over 4 years after we started decided he knew better than the customers what "fun" was.

I'm sorta neutral on CRZ but that marine biologist has done more good for WOW than anyone I know. I mean LFR is there right?
9 classes? I'm working on my 2nd...
Don't let the door hit you on the way out
Mmh i sympathise, i know how you feel and i'm on the border of quitting aswell.

It's quite funny when i think about it, i and alot of other people seemed to think MoP would be even easier than 3.3 of Wrath, which itself was too easy but this....so far it's been the exact opposite, the most annoying, grindly, boring experience ive ever had (or for some reason, put up with) in a game, but i know some people enjoy it so to each his own of course.

*Prays FFXIV: A Realm Reborn will turn out good"

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