[A] Non Combat Pet 6/6H 4/6H 4/4 N Heal/Tnk

Update -

As rumor has been going around, the former Master Plan team that represented NCP back in Cataclysm has disbanded. This expansion has just been the last tumble for the past two months until it became official.

However...there's still a core of players that are willing to stick around while we rebuild for T15! Goal : World Top 100.

Please feel free to App if you are Tank, DPS, or Healer that can commit to a strong desire to progress quickly and be at the top of your game.


Recruitment for Team Master Plan.

If you’re looking to do cutting-edge raiding in a friendly and relaxed environment, then Non Combat Pet (NCP) may be the place for you. We've been the most-progressed guild on Proudmoore throughout all of Cataclysm and we're ready to continue the trend heading into MoP. Our notable accomplishments include:

T11 - Realm First, US #60 overall, (US 6th strict 10-man)
T12 - Realm First, US #10 overall (US 1st strict 10-man)
T13 - Realm First, US #43 overall (US 13th strict 10-man

The core of us have been raiding on Proudmoore since Vanilla and several of us have experience with server first kills in all raiding sizes (40, 25, 10's) so we have plenty of raiding experience to offer.

We pride ourselves on a fun and positive raid environment and we are looking for exceptional players who fit into our culture. Giving 100% to raids, including studying fights and maximizing your character, is a must. That said, 10-man raiding is a small group, and people who are mature, able to contribute fight ideas, are receptive of constructive criticism, and have a relaxed sense of humor will fit in well.

We have multiple 10-mans which operate independently of each other. When you apply, you are applying to a specific raid. These groups are not feeder raids for a main raid. All of them are main groups. We enjoy sharing a larger guild community while having specific raid teams.

If you are that rare gem of a player (capable of top world-ranked parses yet have a humble and friendly personality) and you're interested in joining something that will compete for top US rankings, this is the perfect opportunity for you to join.

Currently Recruiting:

Looking for all specs of Healers and Tanks.

The Perfect Candidate:
- Knows how to min/max to squeeze out every last drop of performance
- Has high awareness
- Can make nearly 100% of raids
- Ability to parse with the best of them
- Friendly and humble personality

What We Offer:
- Stable and active guild
- Highly-skilled yet non-elitist peers
- Friendly & fun environment

For further information please visit or website or contact:


Närwhal (alt + 0228 for the funny character) or
BigBoomer (My alt toon).

Thank you.
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i have a 480 holy pally on proudmoore, i'm looking for a new raid team with hours more suitable for my schedule, or if not i want one that atleast raids more than 2 days a week.. im willing to flex my availability as much as possible . id like to raid either anytime from 830pm -4am ST or 6am to 1130 am ST message me either here or in game at Kazper if you can accomodate me in someway fitting for myself and the raid team, thank you for your time

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