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new people are so much fun! you remind us all we are totally over the top on our goals and help us to "Slow Down". cheers to the new!!
Look for a guild of likeminded people, there are guilds out there that enjoy questing, enjoy leveling, raiding or pvping. The worst thing a new player to this game can do imo is to join a large guild that isn't a social type, that does nothing together and only has players in it ranks for the perks of being a lvl 25 guild.

While exploring or questing reach out to players in the zone, with CRZ (cross realm zoning) they may not be from your server but might like the company.
11/12/2012 06:14 PMPosted by Katyja
See, I disagree. I believe the fun is the adventure to 90. I know as a new player, I always found myself trying to find hidden areas and reach places that were well out of the way and just hoping that I didn't die.

I had the exact same experience when I just started WoW, which was like, a few weeks before Cataclysm release.
I miss those days when I thought leveling and exploring Azeroth was the main content.
The zones which I've enjoyed exploring were, Felwood and Feralas.
I would just try and explore zones which have much higher mobs and try not to aggro them while I enjoy my exploration.

Now, leveling feels like grinding. I just rush to level cap.

Regarding MoP, I personally really liked Jade Forest. (Maybe I like forests =P )
But the other locations were.... meh.... (personally of course).

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