[A] Endurance - 10m

Endurance is a Hardcore Progressive guild seeking to build a stable raid team. Our team is composed of raiders who have been around. We are still working out kinks and still finding just the right people. As a progressive guild we have set raid times but will allow Extensions onto raids and even extra days. We have built this guild from scratch after the release of MoP after being in raids extending back to 40man Naxx and all the way through. We look for excellence and potential in raiders who can efficiently research there class and boss fights.

We are building our Core 10man Group and looking to build a 2nd in the very near future, we also have plans for 25mans as soon as we get the core.

Currenty raiding Tues/Weds/Thurs 8:30pm - 11:30pm EST (Stormrage Realm time)
MSV: 6/6
HoF: 2/6


1 Tank
2 Ranged DPS (Hunter/Mage/Elesham/Boomkin)
1 Healer (Pali / Monk / Shaman)
1 Hunter
1 Ele Shaman
1 Mage
In need for Healer Pref Druid or Monk.
Also need exceptional Mage/Hunter/Eleshaman
1 Tank (Pref pali or war)
2 DPS (Elesham/Boomkin/Hunter/Mage pref)
1 healer (Pref Pali/Monk/Druid)
still need a mage?
Still looking for a hunter?
Seeking Pali/Monk/War Tank
1 Healer Pref - Monk / Priest / Shaman
2 RDPS Pref - Elesham / Boomkin / Mage

Please contact via Ingame
1 Tank
1 Healer
2 DPS (non-Mellee) pref Mage/Boomkin/Elesham

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