Chat Bug (Raid/BG/Whisper/party in Say)

Bug Report
So I've ran into a very annoying bug recently. This bug only occurs on my level 90 rdruid, and not on any other characters. I'm using the same Addons on every character, so the fact that it's exclusive to my druid leads me to believe that it isn't an Addon issue.

Essentially, quite frequently whenever I press Enter to type in the last chat I was speaking in whether it was rsay/gchat/trade chat etc.. It will show me typing in that type of chat channel, but when I press Enter to send it it will appear as Say and my character will "say" whatever I had typed above its head. This can be especially annoying when private whispers or officer chat are suddenly very public.

Has anyone else run into this issue?
Yeap I've ran into this issue multiple times when whispering especially. Wow freezes for a millisecond and then the chat comes out in /say instead of /w. Thought I was the only one who had this problem
Although it might be exclusively for your druid, you still need to test without any addons on, they can glitch in an infinite amount of ways.
Try to see if you can get this bug occuring with no addons enabled.

Tipassist, what classes do you have this occur on, and are all of your addons disabled?

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