(H) By Design - Recruiting 1x Healer 1x Range

<By Design > [Horde] is 10-player raiding guild & is currently recruiting!

Current members consist of WoW-veterans as well as new players. We have been raiding together on/off since the ICC days back in WotLK.

Current Recruitment

1x Healer
1x Ranged DPS

Raid Times

We raid three (3) nights a week and our raiding schedule is as follows (GMT+10/Sydney/Melbourne times):-

Wednesday 7:30pm – 11:00pm
Thursday 7:30pm – 11:00pm
Sunday 7:30pm – 11:00pm

Our Aim
We are not a hardcore raiding guild though our focus is to clear as much content as possible in the three nights that we raid. Thus we expect each and every member; current or future to give their best endeavours in accomplishing this goal.

Our Expectation
Due to our short amount of raids per week, we expect members to be prepared for raids, including:-
- research & understand fight mechanics;
- have the appropriate gear (enchanted/gemmed properly); and
- familiar with their own class / role.
We are not strict about our recruitment process but we do expect applications to be a reflection of your passion and desire to be part of the raiding team of <By Design>.

What we offer
Full-time raiders are provided with (depending on availability):-
- gear enchants
- gem upgrades
- gear upgrades
- Material to level up raid performance-enhancing professions
- Guild repair on gear
- Raid food

Please apply at http://bydesign.wowstead.com/recruitment .

Contact Us
Please do not hesitate to contact in-game Emölock, Stubb or Zore for more information.
Alternatively, visit our website : http://bydesign.wowstead.com

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