Just General Feedback of some bugs

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I've gotten stuck on the zeppelins quite a few times now, then I'll fall through when it fixes itself 2 minutes later, sometimes to my character's death depending on where it got stuck.

Lots of lag in dungeons even if my latency is green. (It's not just me, it's happened to other people I know too).

I'll be on my mount in Azeroth and it will suddenly dismount, VERY high in the air, another death to my character, in places like Tristfal Glades or Orgrimmar.

I will be in the que for an instance and when it shows up it'll not find the dungeon and won't teleport me to the dungeon for a good 30 seconds while it sorts itself out. One of these times, I didn't get any experience for the dungeon because of the glitch. It will sometimes do that on the way out of the dungeon too.

So that's all I can think of for me and some of my friends, I hope this helps with updating the game

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