No Background Downloader with Patch 5.1

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11/15/2012 12:15 AMPosted by Wraithor
So you dont nerf priests but you take away warrior silences? total bull!@#$ blizz t-.-

First of all, warriors needed the nerf. You should be complaining about the Nerf that's coming to your class in the future actually, if you even read about it. Warriors/mages/frost DK's/Destr locks/Hunters/Spriests are going to be getting more nerfs in the future. Well their bursts are going to be nerfed, that's what they posted in the MoP PVP thread Dev Watercooler made.
11/14/2012 06:37 PMPosted by Cambra
Get ready for a !@#$load of issues and not being able to log in for like 18 hours like usual.

Whatever. I usually don't log in until the weekend anyway ... and sometimes not even then.
I don't think anyone is excited for this patch except Blizzard
Just a note, there are multitudes of other threads on the same topics ya'll are whining about in this, totally unrelated, thread.

My take out of it - just like maintenance days, don't plan anything in the morning or afternoon, and whenever you do log in, start the launcher, go to dinner, play with the kids (for those who are kids, go play with your friends, if you don't have actual friends, go outside and look for some). Come back in an hour or so, see how it's going, if you're lucky enough, you'll get in and get to see the changes, if not, there's always tomorrow.
Any idea of the size of the 5.1 patch? Asking due to some people having download caps, and slower speed than some of us.

From what I see on the PTR somewhere around 607 MB

You can find this out by looking in the Data folder of the World of Warcraft Public Test folder and check for the size of the last set of patch files > build 16135 (which is live)

eg wow-update-base-16309.MPQ is build 16309 and is 579.5 MB
wow-update-enUS-16309.MPQ is build 16309 , enUS changes (in the enUS folder) and is 28.2 MB

Both of these files were the only ones Live doesn't have and both are currently on Blizzard's CDN servers with URLs that are publicly accessible.

Meaning you can drop the links into a download manager and leverage concurrent downloading. Just depends on when Blizzard upload it to their CDN servers.
11/14/2012 06:38 PMPosted by Ishamaell
Any idea of the size of the 5.1 patch? Asking due to some people having download caps, and slower speed than some of us.

i feel your pain, i live literally 3miles from a T1 connection and i get to spend the next 5 days downloading 600mb at 29kbps because the fastest internet i can get is 3g tethered, Blizzard needs to let a background downloader run all week and let us download it all week long, so we dont have to be interupted.
If anyone has problems with 5.1 video not launching,
here is a video to help out with the problem I had:

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