475 pally heals LF gmt +8 raid guild

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Looking for a guild that raids around 8pm gmt +8 Perth Western Australia and Singapore. I have had plenty of raid experience and always maintain a high HPS on boss fights. Will move server if needed.
Hey there Kahahhn,

Not sure if you are interested in going Horde however, still thought I would post to see if you are interested.

<Go> of Jubei'Thos are searching for dedicated, reliable and mature raiders. We don't have a Holy Paladin and are interested in one. Schedule as follows: Thurs/Sun/Mon 8:30-11:30PM server time (we're introducing Tuesday night into the schedule - we're aware this is a maintenance night however it's usually later in the night and wouldn't normally collide with our times)

If this suits you or would like to chat further, add me to BattleTag: Belacv#6196 or visit www.goguild.shivtr.com

Look forward to hearing from you, best of luck :)
That sounds good but I believe jubei thos is gmt +10 which would be 4.30 - 5 where I live. I can't till after 8pm
Hmm yes I see :( That's a shame would like to have a Holy Paladin on the team.

We're on daylight savings too so that puts time out a bit again, my apologies. Best of luck.
No worries thanks anyway.

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