[H] SILENT: WEEKEND (day) hardcore - LF1M

Interested in weekend high-end raiding? Our 10m is currently 1/6H MSV+ 3/6N HoF and looking to round out the roster for Heart of Fear and onward. Our group fills a niche for high-expectations raiders who either cannot raid during “normal” raiding hours, or wish to have an additional competitive raiding group on the weekend apart from their normal weekday activities.

RED team is currently running 11am-3pm EST (8am-12pm PST) Saturday and Sunday for a total of 8 hours weekly. We are currently interested in EITHER of the following:

HIGH - Holy Paladin
HIGH - Ele Shaman with a competitive Resto offspec
HIGH - Brewmaster Monk with competitive Heals offspec.
HIGH - Blood DK with competitive DPS offspec.
OPEN - Rogue

With such a light raiding schedule, we will comb very carefully through each application to ensure the creation a top-200 caliber raiding climate. Any questions can be directed to my email, otherwise please follow the link to our page (provided below) and click on “About Us” for more information about who we are and what we aim to do.

Don't hesitate to fill out the app on our website if you feel this group might be a match for you!
Paid Transfers will be considered for qualified applicants.

tworedeyes@ymail.com (not RealID)

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