[H] Last Call - 25 Man Raiding Guild : LFM

Like to drink? Like to down bosses? Not easily offended?
Last call may be the guild for you. We don't care if you are family friendly, or any of that crap. As long as you know your stuff, and can perform.


Raid Times
7:30-10:00pm ( Server )

Current Progress : 6/6 N 1/6 H MSV 1/6 HOF N

Current Recruitment Needs.

Applicants should have sufficient experience with the current raid content. Gear is a plus, but not everything.


1x DK


1x Balance Druid
1x Hunter
1x Mage
1x Ret Paladin
1x Enhance Shaman
1x Rogue


1x Disc or Holy Priest
1x Mistweaver

Keep in mind that if your class is not listed here, and you feel that you can out perform our current player in that role. You are always welcome to apply. Exceptional applicants will always be considered.

If you have any questions. Feel free to message myself, Naughty ( GM ), Ivanhoe ( MDps Leader ) Dewclaw ( Heal leader ) Biscuitts ( Ranged DPS Leader )

We are also in the process of forming a 2nd raid group. Information for this group, and it's current recruitment needs.

Friday, Saturday
8:00-11:00 Server

1x Death Knight, or Paladin Tank


1x Resto Shaman, or Mistweaver Monk


1 Melee spot open for a

Rogue, or Enhancement Shaman

2 Range DPS Spots open for

1x Balance Druid, Hunter, or Shadow Priest

We are also accepting excellent PVP players for our Guild rated BG group, Arena, and General PvP shenanigans.
Updated with new needs.
Now looking for some players to round out our second raid team.

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