<Imminent Demise> LF solid DPS And Heals

<Imminent Demise> Is a 10 man raid group that has recently transferred to this server from Stormrage. We brought 9 of our 10 core members and are looking for a few solid DPS and heals to fill our last few slots. We are looking for a Monk(DPS or heals), Hunter, Shaman, Warrior, Priest(heals), Warlock or Pally(heals). However we are always looking for exceptional players of any class/role combination. We raid Tuesdays and Wedendays from 8pm to 11 Pm server. More info can be found at http://imminentdemise.guildlaunch.com
If interested please contact Broccorri, Parthond, Kyonyu, or Hungló in game or feel free to post here!
Still looking for some solid folks.
Bump for a great Group of Folks.
Bump to the top : )
Looking for a solid 3rd healer with a viable off spec!
We are still looking for a few to fill our slots. We are 4/6 in MSV and could be a lot further if we have solid folks.
Need two ranged dps?

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