Late-night raiding guild LFM for 10man

We're <Dead Cell>, a 6/12 in T15 (1/6HM in T14) Alliance late-night 10man raiding guild with two to three available spots on the roster. That's where you come in. Currently, we have two healer spots and potentially one DpS spot.

TL;DR part first: We raid Tue-Wed-Thu 11pm - 3am server time, and we are good people.

Who are we? We're nice people who like to kill bosses and have fun together. Join us if you're similar.

What makes us different from the others?

* We're semi-hardcore. That means we're neither casual nor fully hardcore. We won't ever be in top 10 world guilds to kill a boss, but we have a history of being near the top of our server (4th in 25man for Tier 11, 6th overall for Tier 10 [10/12 HM in 25man]), and we intend to improve on that record.

* We actually value character in a player, not just performance. We pride ourselves on having a guild full of nice people with no douchebags and we prefer to keep it this way. You will not typically hear NerdRage(TM) yells in our raids, but you will find our guild chat both relaxed and relaxing. If you fail on a boss, we'll explain why but won't yell at you or abuse you. In practical terms, that means we'll take a 110k dps mage that's pleasant to be around over a 130k dps rogue that everyone hates on vent. You know how every guild has one of those? Yeah, we don't.

* We like 25mans, and have been doing that historically, but are doing 10s for now, with a possibility to expand to 25s soon.

* You know how many guilds talk about "real life coming first", and then have 4 days of raiding with 85% attendance minimum? Yeah - we're not like that either. We claim that real life comes first, and we deliver. We don't have mandatory attendance minimums, and we won't kick someone from the guild for missing a raid. That said, of course we value attendance - it's one of the factors in loot and promotions. We reward those who help the guild succeed, rather than punishing those who can't be on all the time.

Like what you see? Apply at, or send a whisper to Charodey. If I'm not available, try Missho, Emistra, or Gutterflower.
Pretty Nice guild Talked with Char for over an 1 1/2 last night about the structure of his guild and what hes looking for :) If i have to compete with someone on this server.. I would choose this guild

Free bump
Hello Char I remember asking to be allowed into your raid the other night only to get shot down due to my ilvl (i figured I might get shot down but I wanted to try) I am currently looking for a late night raiding guild so that I can get back into the raiding scene since I havent really truly raided since Wrath.

Ilvl is currently 478 due to lack of drops from LFR and such But after upgrading my gear and knowing whats the best in slot and how to play my character I think i would be able to make a great addition to your roster (I can pull some decent dps as well as decent off heals to help healers in a pinch)
Send me a tell in game Xeratos. Also put you on my friends list, will talk when I see you.
you guys taking 85's or do you focus primarily on 90 raid content now? because I am a spriest, I just havent upgraded to MoP yet.
We are only doing lvl 90 content :)

Have one spot for DpS now.
We've down Heroic Stone Guards now, and are expanding to 25mans, so more slots are open, particularly for good DpS (but healers and potentially one tank are also open).
Still got spots for the 25man.
We've had our first 25man raid with some guests, and will have the next one the coming Tuesday. We still have spots for DpS, as well as one or potentially two heals. If you're looking for a late-night 25man experience, contact us.
Garalon down, so we're 1/6HM, 6/6 MV + 3/6 HoF now.
Do the bumpy bump, ado the bumpy bump
Starting next week, we're phasing in two days of 25mans, and we still have some spots, primarily for DpS.
Head butt to the top.....and that concludes any amount of extra energy I may have had left >.>
Looking for good dps :)
ck us out

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