Late-night raiding guild LFM for 10man

Killed 5 raccoons last night and 2 rabbits >.>, even if I'm not an in game hunter I still have to practice my rotation at home apparently name changes for pets are free even in the real world....
Cuddle Bump
Hellooooooooooo !
Bum if you like Heals!
Bump, like its your job.
What movie is this quote from:

“That’s bee-YOU-tee-ful, what is that, velvet?”
Sent my application in just now!
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“Guns are for show. Knives are for pros.”
* *
Friendly bump just wanted to say ello
Come Apply, it will be fun.
frost dk/blood dk
Dps and lots of it please.
Hey Skill, how is it going there?

Still recruiting, still need dps, preferably good dps. Have a spot for a healer as well. May be able to use a tank with dps offspec

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