Moon Guard Guild Chat connection issues / Pet Cages not displaying

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Still having the issue with guild chat. Connection timed out is the message that keeps getting displayed. My guild has NOT transfered, changed anything, and we are still having the issues on Moon Guard. Having issues with characters being logged in, but are not. Having issues getting on to guild chat. Having issues where characters are logged into guild chat, that are not there, and logging into the game with said character and it still showing us in remote chat.

With the latest patch to the Armory app, some features are not working correctly, mainly the battle pet search on the AH. Be it Alliance or Neutral AH, it never returns with results, even though in-game, there are numorous pages.

As for the chat issues, they have been occuring for several months, even when it was a paid service in which I paid for. Why is this issue not fixed by now? When will it be fixed? It makes it rather difficult to check upon my guild and talk to my members when problems arise.
Both of these issues exist independent of the Mobile Armory client. I've commented on this a number of times:

The Pet Cage issue is an intentional call in order to prevent a bigger problem that our server team is working on.

The issue with Moon Guard is also a server matter that we are currently testing for a future WoW hotfix. These are both WoW server bugs that only crop up in the Mobile Armory. My team has been aware of this and we are driving this to be fixed ASAP.

I know it has been months and I apologize for that. Hopefully this will be resolved soon, as I feel that we may have finally found a permanent solution for this realm specific bug.
At least I know Blizzard is aware of it and it's being worked on.

(Using iOS version.)
Glad to hear it is being looked into.

I can also assume this pet cage issue is also related to the fact you can not claim money from your sold pet?
^ Yes.
11/16/2012 06:13 PMPosted by Wilebosk
^ Yes.

Awesome thanks for the confirmation.

I look forward to the fix :)

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