[Blood Spirit] being duped!

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You can't dupe items like this. It's not possible. People are compromising accounts, using them to farm (via bots), and trying to sell of the goods before our systems catch them and close the accounts. Or they're compromising accounts, getting access to large guilds with large banks, and gutting them. That's absolutely what's happening, whether you believe it or not. But that doesn't seem to appease, so the best I can say - again - is if you see someone who appears to be cheating, use the in-game systems to report.

If you want it to stop - don't buy gold, advise others not to buy gold, report clear botters and spammers, and make sure you and your guild masters are playing it safe when it comes to account security.
It doesn't have to be a guild officer being compromised.

One of my guilds runs on the honor system. Take what you deplete; however, there's only 10 of us in that guild so it's not exactly hard.
11/03/2012 03:57 PMPosted by Hermf
You can't dupe items like this. It's not possible.

Honestly now, "not" possible or just "improbable". Because to say that it's impossible to do something with computer code is just, yea.
11/03/2012 03:17 PMPosted by Pahanda
it seems pretty darn unlikely to me that these are all stolen.

Your suspicions, quite frankly, don't matter.

What you're seeing is something suspicious. Report it, and Blizzard will take it from there.

WHY it's happening (or how) isn't really any of your business - and speculating on it only serves to fuel rumors.
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"Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle."

Wow, man, your green seems to have turned you into a robot or something.

Quite frankly it doesn't matter? It matters a lot to me and a heck of a lot of people who are posting here. Does it not mattering to you make supersede our concerns? Do you pay our monthly fees for us? Did Blizz put you in charge of deciding whose concerns matter?

And you're telling me it's none of my business? So long as players pay their monthly subscriptions, it's EVERYONE'S business.

I think that green text has gone to your head and turned you into some kind of company bot, regurgitating drivel.
So the question was asked and it's been answered multiple times. Whether or not that works for you is totally your call, but I'm locking this one down since the issue has run its course. Report, report, and report again. Thanks, guys.

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