Feral DPS vs Garalon.

I'm the 'third healer' in my raid, so when a fight needs only 2 heals, I go feral. Most fights I'm happy enough with my dmg but on Garalon tonight, I was terra bad. All 4 of Garalon's legs are down in the first 25-30 secs of the fight so having a long duration bleed up is pointless.

Given feral druid dps is mostly Rip/Rake/Melee dmg, should I save Tiger's Fury/Berzerk combo for after all 4 legs are down and try to keep Rip up as long as possible on main body or blow everything on the legs to get em down asap?

Lastly, should I try to keep moving behind to Shred or stay in safer position and just Mangle?

Any other tips would be great.

Oh, anyone got some good tips for Spirit Kings as well? I hate not being able to Shred for a lot of the fight.
Haven't gotten into Heart of Fear yet, so I can't help you there. But for Spirit Kings, the first boss that has the cleave damage for the raid to split can be handled like Fandral in Firelands. There is a point just a touch behind his left shoulder (if you stand right beside him) where you can shred and still get hit by his cleave. This is a smaller window than Fandral's, so you need to be positioned just right.
I would just use a ferocious bite if you feel Rip is not going to be worth putting up before the target dies. I'd still use tiger's fury and berserk on legs since they take way more damage. I would just kill the rear legs and go back to the body.
Regarding shred, I mostly stayed on the rear of the boss and didn't have to worry about not being behind the target, unless you have to do pheromones or another task you should be fine just staying on the rear legs since your raid DPS is going to down the front ones before you even get there most likely while you work on the back.
I had this same problem, i told the raid leader so we devised a plan that follows. I would help burn all four legs in the beggining then after that i was on the main body of the boss. i would jump to a leg or 2 here and there to catch up. But i finished off strong with 84k dps and a kill. you can also just toss a quick ff and rake onto the back legs too.
Assist in burning the initial legs, then sit on the boss. You will still pull lower dps numbers, but you will be more effective that way (since the legs will die regardless without your dps).
It's important you have Redirect (symbiosis from rogue) since target swapping can be a problem and this would solve your problem every min.

i put rake and rip up on the legs (make sure your in the zone for 100% dmg buff) then get a 5pt fb on leg then move to boss, if another leg is up i stay on current leg and get 4 combo pts then redirect to other leg rake it then rip and repeat make sure first leg is dead tho.

This fight isn't very feral friendly target swapping is pretty bad. and depending on your strat it can get very annoying. for us it was RNG and i didn't get much leg dmg since my designated side didnt spawn much legs.

But honestly your priority dmg is on legs no matter what legs > dmg on boss

The legs = 3% dmg of his total heal and you said it took you guys 25-30 secs to kill 4 legs? so i'm assuming it would only take you around 6-8 sec each leg, but thats prob with cds, so a good estimate would be around 10-15 sec each leg without your starting burst.

It would be nice to see some logs. But either way this fight isnt great for ferals.

If you wanna pad you can just run to each leg and rake/rip them with the 100% dmg buff might be a little hard but thats how you can rank on that fight.

Also you should be between legs and boss so somewhere in the middle but not in the middle if you get what i mean you just need to be able to shred that doesnt mean you need to be RIGHT BEHIND him it means you just need to be able to hit his back which is obtainable one you are at like 181 Degrees of him soo ya... lol

oh, almost forgot about Spirit king. What i did for him and ranked was get in his hit box behind him and when i say in i mean like INNN to the point you can shred and still get hit by that cleave thing. GL
The spot behind Qiang where you can still take cleaves is right behind/to the side of his leg. Just hump it and you should be able to find it without much trouble.
Just rake the legs with the buff when you can (i.e. not at 2-5 CPs on the body - also, preferably buffed by TF and/or DoC) otherwise stay on the boss. As others have said your dps will still be lower than others without significant leg damage regardless of your gear/skill as feral, but it really shouldn't matter.

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