Conquest Point Cap Increase

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Reckful showed on stream his was fixed. I'm guessing it isn't automatic, maybe done manually.
Still not fixed here. Would really appreciate an update (also a fix).
Sigh, I am hearing about a lot of peoples cap being fixed but have yet to see mine fixed D:
My conquest point cap was finally increased!

Thanks Blizz for fixing this!
Mine was fixed too!!
Well, guess it's unfortunate for people that didn't get the fix, because now it looks like we're officially !@#$ed till Tuesday's reset.
What makes you think it will be fixed at next Tuesday reset? I am also not fixed, maybe a GM ticket will do it.
yea so apparently its fixed on some of my guys but not fixed on others, weird but i guess i'll take it considering its better then nothing
Still no update on this one and no recent responses even. Not surprised. And now it's their weekend. Good luck to everyone patiently waiting for a fix. Maybe next week we'll get our points.
11/05/2012 05:43 PMPosted by Daxxarri
Plan accordingly!

Hard to plan when the cap hasn't been fixed and it's already the weekend...
It would be nice to get another update for those of us that are still capped at 1350/1650.
Mine is still broken.
Don't make a GM ticket, it's just a waste of time. They will just tell you to go to this forum for updates.

11/09/2012 02:46 PMPosted by Sylvar
What makes you think it will be fixed at next Tuesday reset? I am also not fixed, maybe a GM ticket will do it.
i am one of the many who has this problem, and being unsure of when it was going to be resolved i attempted to adjust it myself by raising my rating diligently to the posted rating.
not only did my conquest cap not increase, when i reached the alleged point bracket that should have increased my cap in the first post...
nothing happened.

but i'm glad my 70 priest has a higher cap then my 90 that i actually do arena with.
all my 85s have a 2200 conquest cap but my 90 war i do rbgs with is still at 1886.
ironically... i did a name change (something i was planning on doing anyways)

and lo and behold... (along with resetting my ui on ALL of my characters)
my cap increased.

make dat money.
I might change my name to lasershow lol,
so now its coming to this, paying money for arena points.
any update if this is going to happen before the end of the week?
confirmation that name changing works?

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