Conquest Point Cap Increase

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I'm also awaiting a fix.
99% chance that the fix is never coming. Blizzard just doesnt care. Season is already unbalanced in regards of gear anyways, with people that transfered and got one week of conquest advantage, Blizzard didnt do anything to fix that, why would they care about this?
11/09/2012 01:12 PMPosted by Ieupacob
Sigh, so they only fixed it, they didn't help make up for the fact that countless RBG groups are already done for the week?

Holy !@#$, do people always need to complain about everything? What do you want them to do. They fixed, do RBGs on the weekend.

The point is that countless groups only run until most of their people are capped. I want them to cap everyone for the week to make up for their mistake, I don't want them to leave it as is where some random people, for absolutely no reason, will be at a disadvantage for the entire season.
I posted around @ page 5 about mine not being fixed after the supposed fix, however, this morning I logged on and I'm now at 2200 cap.

Thanks Blizzard, and for the everyone else, log on and check again.
Nope, still not fixed.
Fixed, my apologizes to blizzard.
So I saw this morning there is a rolling restart. Great! They're finally fixing it! Nope. So what was the restart for Blizzard? Your new beloved Pet Battles? LFR? FIX CONQUEST POINTS OR DONT RAISE THE CAP FOR ANYONE. What were you doing for that 30 min that the servers were down?!

Can we please get an update? It's been three days and nothing. This is unacceptable. Why do I feel like I'm playing a F2P game?
I got the fix from today's rolling restart :/
Still not fixed.
My RBG cap changed (I haven't done rbg at all this season) but my arena cap is still the same 1622. So now my caps are 2200rbg/1622arena lol /sigh.
My other toons do read the default cap as 2200/1650 but I my warrior's cap still has not been fixed :s
still not fixed here.
My cap still isn't fixed either. Would greatly appreciate if it was fixed before this coming Tuesday... missing 600 or so points is going to hurt with the upcoming gear upgrade system.
Actually 1800 makes sense since you are gaining 180 per win, what I'm a bit sad about is that you can't cap (now 2200) unless you run rated bg's. We use to be able to cap by doing random bg's & arenas, now you can't even queue as a "pick-up" for rated so if you don't have a 10 man team you don't get to cap. I'll take the 1800 anyway.
my cap is fixed on all my characters but this 1 and i was told to post in this thread about it
Still not fixed in arena.
My conquest cap was increased. Thank you very much!

- scraz
yerp no fix

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