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Do you perhaps mean the azure drake? Because the blue drake became available from the "Please, god, queue for oculus" rewards bag at the end of wrath.

No, it was the Blue Drake.

I don't have any old friends anymore in game... they all aged out or moved onto other stuff.. and I stopped raiding and doing organized PvP last season so don't have anyone that owes me anything. I also hate PuGs so don't do weekly runs of Occulus, Malygos or anything else I can't solo. Playing the AH is easy for me. Everyones got a "thing". I'm still sitting at (single) guild gold cap. So 75 was easy to spend.
11/06/2012 10:55 AMPosted by Lifenite
See, you Sir are who the bmah was intended for.

Yep, thats exactly right.

Its to pull excess guild from circulation and reduce the 300% inflation we've seen EVERY expac (except maybe this one)

If I realm transfer to buy that 9/9 Silver from Lightbringer's Eternal Reign, all I do is inject more cash into an already hot large pop server's market. If enough players do that, instabilities arise. I know about these realm to realm instabilities - its part of how I made my gold. I bought items (and ultimately level 25 guilds) on low cost realms then transferred them in bulk (legally) to servers where they brought a much higher price.


I toyed with a lot of things... even at one point buying an active guild on horde, then buying an opposing alliance guild and instigated a fight between them on an RP-PvP realm with me leading each side while dual boxing. Even that got tiresome after a while.

I agree with Blizzard that this safety valve is good for markets overall. It just gets to the point you run out of things to buy (without the MBAH).
Imp in a Ball. MWAHAHAHAHAHA. Best use of 37k ever.
Do they ever post actual T0 or T0.5 pieces? I've never been there myself, but I don't have the expansion either.
I saw reigns of the Onyxian drake on there once on my ralm. It s was at 110,000k gold with a long time left, I whistled, mildly impressed, and left. I have yet to see anything of value there. What confuses me is there are pets on there going for 10k which you can buy for 500g on the regular ah. Kinda backwards.
Dropped 110k for gf's T3 Robes of Faith, found out I was bidding against an entire guild so this one member would have the complete set. BMAH is anything but boring so long as you aren't attempting to get any of the 509ilvl pieces. Some of the choices of pets that appear on there could be better I will admit, but still some of them like the Proto Drake Whelp I saw the other day took me a few months of Oracle visiting on multiple toons just to see one.

As for the person who said it's not for the average joe's budget, yes and no, it isn't hard at all to raise the money needed to buy things on it, as I would wager on here most of the items finish around 30-40k with the 509's being around 200k. Just learn how to make money with your professions, or learn how to play the AH, or farm CTA queues. I play fairly casually, and with just making INT/STR/AGI pots I can clear a few thousand gold a day just from farming herbs during study breaks.
11/06/2012 11:10 AMPosted by Derringer
What confuses me is there are pets on there going for 10k which you can buy for 500g on the regular ah.

I believe the opening bid on BMAH is 10k. Thats where the price stays on cheap items unless the bidders are exceptionally silly or the BMAH interface (which sux because bids on one thing can be inadvertently be placed on the 'hot' thing) confused them.
the only thing i can see from this is an influx of chinese gold farmers
11/06/2012 10:28 AMPosted by Lifenite
But that would be missing the whole point of it. The bmah is not to offer up needed items to the masses. It's a gold sink for those with more gold than the game could possibly cost otherwise. When you have a million gold you will understand. It's design is to eliminate huge gold tycoons, NOT to try and motivate casuals to farm so they can get into it.

Gold sinks only work when they offer something that people want. If I visit the BMAH every day for a month an there is never anything useful for me, do you think I'm going to spend any gold? If the gold sink doesn't work, then it's broken....

By only having 1-2 items available each day (which are only up for 24 hours), the chances of there being something up there that people want is extremely low. On top of that, who is going to sit on the AH for 24 hours to make sure they are placing the highest bid?

Do you really want T3 gear or a semi rare pet bad enough to engage in a 24 hour bidding war for it?

Just put a buyout option that's like 10-20x the starting price of an item. That way the gold sink is working as intended.

And those people are in violation of the ToS

A couple things about this: Blizzard isn't against the activity of buying/selling gold or other game related items per se. They are against the activities (hackers, credit card thieves) that players use to obtain the gold or other items in the first place.

There are plenty of people who have a lot of in game gold they earned legitimately through the AH or farming, and Blizzard will take zero issue if those people decide to trade it legitimately.

Just keep in mind the buying/selling of in game currency/items does not fall under the protection of Blizzard security. So if someone scams you out of gold or real life money, Blizzard won't help you get it back. Be careful who you deal with.
11/06/2012 11:17 AMPosted by Deathbits
the only thing i can see from this is an influx of chinese gold farmers

I can understand where you are coming from, but thats really not happening.

Making gold is like any other specialty in the game... raiding or PvP excellence... and after a while you get to know who is moving what.

I personally have met several "farmers" and what they tell me is that sales are waaaaaay down for gold and items since maybe 3 weeks into MoP. It is just too easy for people to get what they want through the new dailies, new dungeons, LFR or some other angle. They don't have to cheat to stay competitive so they don't (as much).

What I hear is the only single thing still in high demand from Chinese RMT companies is the "Nightwing" mount... and I'm not altogether sure why that is. When I decided I wanted it I just opened another subaccount, then ditched it after I got myself the mount. Why take the risk of violating TOU?
I like the black market not having good items in it often. im still 100% against it, and the lack of good items makes me a happy panda.

What about when pets you can buy from a vendor are up for 10k bid start. Thats pretty underhanded to trick someone.

Take note that the black market is being held in Pandaria. The cost of importing it from the old Azeroth, as well as bribing the customs officials to make sure it comes unharmed, drive the costs of such items significantly.

This had to be one of the best comments I've read, I had a good chuckle from it!! Thanks Kokusho!!

The Black Market Auction House features a wide variety of items. One week it might have something like an Enchanted Broom, the next week Ashes of Al'ar. It's completely random, and varies per realm. Certainly there have been items up on a few realms that people hit the bid cap on.

Just keep watching, it's bound to have something you want sooner or later. Only trick is, it'll probably be desirable to other people too. Good luck!

This makes perfect sense, however, the BMAH is built around a capitalist progression.

Instead, I propose we add onto the world arenas (Such as Gurubashi arena in STV) for BMAH related items. Players can fight for the death for these rare items.

Just like the old arena system the chest would drop at a certain hour. Maybe the chest could drop loot that is no longer available. I think this would be a great implement for World PvP
If you visit it every day for a month and there is never anything useful or you don't want to buy something, then you aren't the demographic for the BMAH. If you aren't going to try and buy that class appropriate piece of 509, then you don't need the BMAH. If you aren't going to try and buy that piece of PvP gear that you could use for Arenas, then you don't need the BMAH. If you aren't a fanatical pet collector it isn't for you. If you aren't going to use T3 Xmogs, it's not for you. If you don't care about the random TCG items, it isn't for you.

Claiming it's broken is just wrong. The limit on the items, is so that the prices don't plummet and they stay high enough for it to continue to be a viable gold sink. If a piece of T3 is up that I want, you better believe I will drop every single gold coin I have in order to try and get it because it might not be up for a few more months. As for putting a buyout on it, why? 10-20x the starting price basically puts everything at a 100k-200k buyout and leaves 0 possibility of it going for more than that which would mean the gold sink isn't working as well as can be. Also, it eliminates the possibility for some people to be able to try and win it because the only time you'd really need to look at it would be at around 12:30am when, at least for my server, the new items get posted.
Mimron's head was on the BMAH on my realm, highest bid was at gold cap.

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