Reminence [H] - 5/12 ToT, 7/16 Heroic T14

Guild Recruitment
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Guild Name: Reminence
Realm: US-Demon Soul (NY datacenter)
Format: 25 man
Faction: Horde
Timezone: Eastern (EST)

Reminence is currently recruiting active raid slots for its Main 25m raid group progression through HoF and Terrace of Endless Springs Heroic Progression.

25man Group (5/12 ToT, 7/16 H T14)
Raid days (9 hours):
  • Monday: 9pm-Midnight (EST)
  • Tuesday: 9pm-Midnight (EST)
  • Wednesday: 9pm-Midnight (EST)

Current Class Needs: (these are for core and backup positions - full details below)
  • Healers - Monk, Druid
  • DPS - None at this time, but see final point
  • Tanks - None at this time, but see below point.
  • Exceptional Applicants will always be considered.

Bench Policy - Unlike most guilds Reminence recruits for a rotational bench. We don't recruit players to shelve them like books to be read later. If you are recruited for our raids you will see at least some play time each week, subject to the Raid Leader's needs for current progression.

We believe in keeping our backup players and rotated players just as geared and progressed / knowledgeable in the fights as core main slotted raiders.

Loot Distribution: Loot Council
Restrictions: Reminence has an age limit restriction (17 years or older may apply)

or apply directly at: (must register to view)

About us: Spanning several expansions, Reminence has been ever adapting and growing into the guild it is today. Originating as a guild amongst friends in The Burning Crusade, and surviving several exoduses and officer changes, Reminence has proven that a dedicated core is the heart to any successful guild. Reminence's main focus has been fun first and foremost within the game. Expect to see a lively gchat throughout the day as well as on the forums. The majority of its members are undergrad and grad students.

If you are offended easily by words over the internet or offended by constructive criticism, this guild is not for you.

An interested applicant should be able to make all time slots listed. As well as be properly geared for stepping into at least MSV Normal if not Heart of Fear content.

The guild uses mumble as its means to communicate during a raid.

  • T11 Progression: 9/13 HM before 4.2 (Server First of the four winds)
  • T12 Progression: 6/7 HM - 7/7 shortly after T13 dropped (Server First Firelord)
  • T13 Progression: 8/8 HM - Apr 12, 2012 (15% Nerf) (Server First Savior of Azeroth)
  • Full Progression can be viewed on our Website via link to WoWProgress
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