[A-25] 1/12H The Old Guard Looking For More

Earthen Ring
Bumpidy bump bump
We still looking for dps bump!!
Bumped for our new kills over the holiday break.
Bump this.. the last alliance 25m raiding guild on ER
We have fun events too. We did a wow bingo, a secret Santa for the holiday and are doing a scavenger hunt now.
Still stubborn enough to run 25 mans - looking for more raiders to help out on our runs!
Is your 10 man raiding experience leaving you feeling a bit limp? Do you feel like you are missing out on the epicness of 25 man heroic raiding? Apply to the <The Old Guard> at www.lesgrognards.net today! Gnomes are standing by!
Any gnomes around Sosul have to be underpants gnomes....
BUMP BUMP.. we recruiting Healers & DPS
Guess who is a sexy blood elf now if only i can be a blood elf in old guard pity
Oh hai
all the outsiders who bump this thread should join OG.

Original Gangstas
Still bumping for pleasure.
15/16, Only Sha of Fear left for normal mode

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