[A-25] 1/12H The Old Guard Looking For More

Earthen Ring
I heard they have dinosaurs!
Managed to get a 25 man running and downed Jin'Rohk. Still looking for more who want to try 25 mans!
Updated for Horridon 25N kill. Still looking for DPS!!
Add Council 25N to the kill list tonight.
Finally got Tortos 25N down.
Space reserved for Monday's Megaera kill!
Do you require 100% attendance? I raid on tuesdays, but I have several other toons I'd like to raid on.
We don't require 100% attendance but when looking at filling a raid spot where two players are of equal skill, attendance is taken into account (assuming neither is needed for a specific purpose).
Right, of course. Thank you!
Updated with out Megaera 25N kill.
Looking for some DPS that want to try 25 man heroics!
We are currently looking for healers, and skull banners. Just the skull banner, warrior need not apply.

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