Holy Pally looking for a guild

Hi, I am making this thread on an alt to avoid a bit of drama before everything is finalized.

I started playing MoP about 3 weeks ago, and was recruited into a guild to be a raider. I have achieved an iLvL of 465 to prepare for raids, and my guild has yet to arrange a raid. I find this to be unacceptable and I want to find a new place to call home.

I am looking for a guild running 10 man raids. I can appreciate the epic feel of 25 mans, but I prefer the way 10 mans operate. I can honestly say I care more about playing with people I like than actual progression. That isn't to say I don't want to kill bosses, I do, I just prefer feeling like a tight knit group killing bosses rather than a bunch of anonymous strangers. I also have no real strong preference whether your guild is horde or alliance.

While I do consider myself to be a very skilled healer, I do not have any parses. If your guild requires a parse for an application, then your guild is likely too hardcore for me. However, I do believe in using appropriate gems, enchants, food buffs, and showing up ready and on time. If your guild does not require that, then you are likely too casual for me. The times that I would be available to raid is Sun-Thur 7-12 CST. If your raid times fall in that slot please reply.

If all this sounds very specific, that is because I am looking for something specific. A guild to call home.

Skilled Holy Paladin
looking for 10 man raid guild
close knit group of friends
dont gotta parse
gear yourself right
Horde or Alliance is cool
Im awesome yo
Hello there, <Adversary> A newly formed 10 Man progression Horde guild, is seeking a shaman or paladin healer for 10 man raids 8-11 server - Mon, Wed, and Thursday. We have 6/6 MV and 2/6 HoF experience. If these times work for you and you are interested let me know, thank you.
Your paladin has numerous unenchanted items! Boooo!
Mine? is fully enchanted.
No, Xorash's paladin, Xodrin on Dunemaul.
We are looking for a holy pally with a ret OS we raid 9pm-12am friday and saturday we are 3/6 in MV
Hi X,

The Chosen is on the horde side of Thrall. We are a tight knit group that currently runs 10m and are 2/6 in MV. We don't numbers crunch or utitlize spread sheets. We want to have fun killing bosses. We don't currently have a heal spot open but we do for dps and there are plans in the works for a 2nd 10m team. We need the people available to make that 2nd team happen. =) We raid on Sun, Mon, Wed 8-30-11p est. If you have any interest we can meet and chat and see if we fit what you're looking for. You can contact Maurra in game by tell or mail. You can also check us out at thechosenguild.net

lvl 25 guild Over Raided
6/6 MV 1/6 HoF
We are looking for a holy pally.
pst in game or real id MoogleRAWR#1201
raid times are fri 9pm-11pm sat 8pm-11pm

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