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New opportunities have opened up overseas, and Boss Mida’s crew is all ovah it! The Goblins (and friends) of For Her Tallest are lookin ta hire/indoctrinate/and recruit new members to fill tha ranks! What’s in it for you?

http://youtu.be/LddOtJFuSv0 This should give a taste…

Blatant Goblin propaganda you say? You bet your Booty Bay it is! But it has nothing to do with Mists and isn’t even associated with your Guild you say? Okay ya got me. Let’s get down to business.


IC: We’re a diverse buncha Bilgewatah Gobs who’ve had it up to heah with Gallywix’s bull. We work for Boss Mida, trying to make good with the other races and solidify the Cartel’s position as indispensable to the Horde.

We’re opportunists looking to make Bilgewater more profitable while pocketing whatever we can for ourselves in the process. We keep our political aspirations on tha downlow as much as possible and keep an eye out for Gallywix’s henchmen since we’re out to dethrone tha bum. I watch your back, you watch mine!

OOC: For Her Tallest is the oldest Goblin Guild in existence. We started recruiting before the Cataclysm hit and began in the epic Cata forums thread the brought about the existence of Boss Mida in game. We’re basically a bunch of Gob enthusiasts, RPers, geeks, freaks, and care bears that also respect and understand the demands of RL.

Since most of us are adults with high RL aggro we are a casual guild with low pressure on when or how often you’re on but high expectations for how you conduct yourself in-game and on the forums when you are. We’re here to have fun not stress you out. It's a game, after all! We’re looking into doing more casual PvE and strongly encourage Horde side random RP!

We are a progressive guild founded on principles of diversity and respect between guildies and with the community. If that gives you pause, then we may not be the guild for you.


~If you are someone who loves RP and Goblins (even if you don’t play one for yourself), then you are among friends. So yes, we accept non-Goblins, we just ask that you have an IC reason for your character to join the cause!
~We want players who respect Real Life issues, who treat other people with respect, who know and love the line between IC and OOC, and so on.
~People who know that RP starts with you! Can’t find RP? Get one of us to start some in the city, or start some yourself! We aim to contribute to the atmosphere of walk-up RP Horde Side!
~Even if you’re new to RP, or are hesitant to RP but still want in on the guild’s vibe and atmosphere, you’re welcome! A good attitude trumps all. :)


~The only kind of Trolls we welcome have tusks. No griefing, no hate speech, no harassment of any kind. We take OOC drama very seriously. If you have an issue with any of our guildies, contact Snuffit and I ASAP!
~ERP. We’re an ERP free zone, folks. We ain’t that kinda guild and take TOS seriously.
~Drama Llamas. Everyone has their bad days but we like to keep things in perspective.
~Mary Sues. All characters are special, but lore is the common frame of reference glue that keeps RP together!
~People who blur the lines of IC and OOC. Its theater, folks. IC: Crazy Gobs an friends OOC: Nice folks. That about sums it up.


~ Lvl 25 perks
~IC and OOC channel, IC being our guild chat which is a radio that contacts all members of FHT, and OOC being our regular channel which also allows you to chill on us even on alts outside of the guild! (Contact any of us for more info on how to join up to that channel)
~A friendly, no-pressure atmosphere.
~Comedic Gob RP in addition to the more serious stuff. We like to have fun here, and Goblins provide a great opportunity to bring some levity in a playful yet lore suited way!
~A Lore Compliant, Drama free atmosphere. Because we roll like that. Check out our
website for guild rules etc.

For Her Tallest is recruiting
Guild Leaders: Roulette/Snuffit
Guild Level: 25
Further Info: Goblins and allies against Gallywix and for profit! Casual RP guild, Goblin themed and alt friendly.
Website: http://forhertallest.enjin.com

We do have an FAQ on our site as well as our application but if you have any questions please feel free to ask here or get in touch with us in game! Thanks for your interest and we hope to hear from you soon!


Contact Snuffit, Roulette, Minzel, Trixxiz, Gazeel, or Zissele in-game.
Hi I'm Gazeel and this is my favourite store on the...

Scratch that wrong cue cards.

This is my favourite guild on Wyrmrest Accord!
Yes, that's right folks! Money, glory, a fantastic adventure waitin' just for YOU! You can't miss this, it's in ya blood!
BAM! I'd like to take a moment here folks to say this guild is a fantastic place to be. The members are awesome and friendly, and you'll always have someone to rp with or at least chat. And if not, rejoice anyways, for you are in a great guild!

Join today!
Oh! I'm posting this in case I forget tonight again. Since you lovely folk are back, I wanted to discuss with you on some rp ideas.

Now, I love that you created Boss Mida, and I for one hope she takes the Cartel. My speculation is that we might see changes this expansion. Won't reveal anything. But, given that the storylines I'm running are to harmonize our community with the WoW plot, and that you guys are more active again, I wanted to run some ideas by you.

I'm running small and large scale events, and constantly progressing plots, and I think that if we did some in regards to overthrowing Gallywix, or at least dealing with the revolt, it'll add to it. Since the Horde is in civil unrest as we speak, I think it's the perfect time. I'd like to help, and using myself, my guild, and npc toons me and others run for additional characters, I'd like to hammer out some story on this.

Thoughts? I'll ask in more detail in game, but I'm hoping we can do this.
Awww, thanks Sally. <3

And that sounds brilliant! Snuffit is getting all antsy about Gallywx lately, even more so then usual thanks to the current state of things. I know for her, if you ever need some low-key espionage or negotiator she can do well. For the guild as a whole, I would love to brainstorm ideas to get things figured out!
Hrrrnnngh. Ever since I saw a few Goblins roleplaying in Dawn's Blossom the other day, I've really had an itch to faction change my hunter. PERHAPS I SHALL.
DO EET, Thyrus! Goblins are a blast! Pun intended. ;)

And thanks Sal! :D I'm very curious to see how Blizz plays things out with Gallywix, there's rumors that he is indeed in an upcoming patch but it's hard to say exactly what goes down in regards to him. Till we know for sure anything we do plot-wise to overthrow him will need to be be vaguely unsuccessful, which is just fine, failure is as fun to play out as success. ;) Love to work out some ideas!

I'd love to find folks who want to play Gallywix's goons and have some IC back and forth, sabotaging each other and whatnot!
Would be glad to have you, Thyrus! :D

And yes, man, I so hope Sassy or Mida gets to be the new leader. I just... want some change, ya know? And a female leader who isn't insane and emotionally driven. D:
Well... insane is relative when we're talkin Goblins. But I agree with what you mean, Snuffit! XD A pragmatic woman who stands on her own two feet and isn't frothing at the mouth!
11/09/2012 08:53 PMPosted by Roulette
Well... insane is relative when we're talkin Goblins. But I agree with what you mean, Snuffit! XD A pragmatic woman who stands on her own two feet and isn't frothing at the mouth!

Perhaps "Not coming apart at the seams" would be a better phrase. XD

And hellz yes. /fistbump
Rocket to the top for Her Tallness!
I dressed up as her tallness for our guild Halloween party..

Free bump.
11/10/2012 03:35 PMPosted by Skoggus
I dressed up as her tallness for our guild Halloween party..

That is awesome! /high-five
/high-five back

Best of luck with your recruiting. you're always welcome to come dance with me on the steps in the shrine of two moons.
Halloween came and went way too fast. Also, thankees! <3 Always down for a /dance with a member of Swords for Everyone! :D
It did but it was still fun. I have never celebrated it before and learnt a lot about Halloween and its traditions from other people.
11/10/2012 06:55 PMPosted by Skoggus
It did but it was still fun. I have never celebrated it before and learnt a lot about Halloween and its traditions from other people.

It's a pretty awesome holiday! I especially love studying the roots of it, and where some of the traditions came from.

Though I could do without all the "sexy" versions of my childhood memories. ._.
Just a reminder, folks! Don't apply then vanish, once approved we'll post contact info on your application or you can let us know when you'll be on etc! :)

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