[H] 10m <Pleasure Town> is recruiting!

We are looking for a prot and holy paladin for immediate core spot in our weekend raids and other exceptional players to join the guild for 5.2.

Guild Progress: 9/16 heroic
Faction: Horde
Guild Name: Pleasure Town
Website: http://pleasuretown.guildlaunch.com

Raid format: 10 men
Raid times: Sat-Sun: 3:30-7:30 PM server time.

Contact me in game (btag: Plutoffka#1360) or iflassman#1462 if you're interested.
heya Jeanette! ^.^
The group progress is 2/6 heroic MV and 2/6 HoF now.

Still in need of guardian druid.
LF exceptional resto shaman.
Looking for off tank (druid/monk).
Need a tank and a healer (shaman/paladin)
Your guild sounds interesting, and weekends are something I'd like to do. I'm bear tank with a cat dps offspec
16/16 NM
4/16 H
7/9 Gold CM

Chill person that enjoys solid progression. Looking for group of people with similar mindsets.

DeadraHelix#1993 (I'm not currently on your server)

I can also apply on your website but not sure if we should talk in game first or something.
We're still looking for a Guardian Druid and the DPS offspec is a plus as well. I'm not an Officer in the guild, but if you have any questions you can contact me in game, Safemode#1439. Feel free to apply if you'd like.
Currently in need of fat mage or ele shaman deeps
I can level my extremely fat mage sometime...
Hey there. Here's my info, if you're interested let me know.

Real ID: Fabian#1699
Character: Pandaren BM Hunter, 495 ilvl Engy/LW 600.
Progression: 16/16 Normal, Stone Guards, Feng, Gara'jal & Elegon Heroic.
I can make your raid times.

Hit me up in real ID for further information.
We currently have a healer spot open in our core group for heroic progression (druid, shammy, or monk).
Still looking for a skilled healer for heroic progression
LF a plate tank - PST.

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